Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding

Are You Skinny & Struggling to Build Bigger Muscles?

If So, Here Is Something That Might Help.

Hey, glad you made it to my site because I think I know just how you might be feeling. My name is James McLain and I was once really skinny and I hated it too. It sucked! It drained my self confidence and made me feel like I was inferior to other guys not to mention making dating hell as I thought being skinny with no muscles was what was holding me back. (it wasn’t but looking good certainly helps!)

If you are like I was, then you probably have tried and failed to build some extra muscle and are just not sure what the hell is going on! I finally figured it out after a lot of trial and error but I think that you can manage to build muscle without going through all the pain and hardship I struggled through.

Vince Now
Vince Before

This is why I want to introduce you to Vince Delmonte. Vince is pretty interesting guy, he is (was?) a classic ectomorph body type like you and me. Skinny, small and with a high metabolism. Not now though, he is a professional bodybuilder and a fitness coach with a degree in kinesiology. (This is basically the science of human movement including a lot on muscles)

I really like his style and what he has to say about bodybuilding which is so much different to the usual crap you get from the muscle magazines and supplement pushers. You don’t need all that extra garbage if you know how your body works with the right plans, routines and dietary changes … for your body type! Being a hardgainer is optional, not mandatory and Vince knows this and knows how you can turn your thinking around on the issue as well.

He really knows what he is talking about which is why I advertising his No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program on this site as I wanted to let you know about this amazing, groundbreaking guide. Not because I like lining his pockets, but because it might just help you get over the hurdles of being a skinny guy while building muscle. He knows where you are coming from which I find refreshing – so it is probably worth taking a look and making that decision for yourself – I guarantee you will not regret it.

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311 thoughts on “Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding”

  1. Hey Vince,,,,
    Hi this is Jake here,,
    I am having a damn serious problem i am damn too skinny…
    i am not gaining even a kilo…
    i eat a lot..
    can u tell me about more calorie foods..

    and can we drink egg directly without baking…(i saw it in many movies…)
    Please i want to gain more mass,,,,
    i am damn too skinny,,

  2. @Jake russo
    Hey Jake,

    I am not Vince, my name is James and I run this site. I just promote Vince Delmontes guide because I believe it to be the best out there for skinny guys looking to build some muscle.

    Eating a lot is a start that is for sure. You need to have the energy to grow your muscles. However, your workout is going to need to be refined so that you push your muscles so hard they are forced to adapt and grow.

    As such forget about light weights and lots of reps. Concentrate on heavier, low rep sets and work the whole body not just a few muscles.

    This is all explained very clearly in Vinces’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Guide

    For a quick overview of some main points though check out my article on this site here:

  3. Hey vince
    this is rick am still skinny even when i workout, got any advice for me am wieghting at 111 but want to get to 130 pounds any advice. please i want to gain wieght.

  4. I’m 14 and 5 feet 7 inches and weigh about 120. I look way to skinny and I can’t really buy anything cas I’m a kid. Do u have any tips on how to build muscle? I’m going to highschool next year and I wanna be big for it, that’s my goal. And I’m going on vacation. A road trip so it’s gunna be hard to work out but I’ll find a way. Can bodyweight exercises help? And I work out my abs regularly but there not getting bigger. And my left oblique is smaller than my right. Can u help me?

  5. @Rick
    Hey Rick, As i mentioned above I am not Vince, my name is James … I just recommend Vince’s guide ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for what you should do, check out this article to start with, it covers the basics of what you need to do for diet, exercise and rest which are central themes to skinny bodybuilding.

    Can Skinny Guys Build Muscles?

  6. @Bob
    Hey Bob,

    It can be tough to build muscle without the right equipment but bodyweight exercises are an essential place to start. However you need to keep pushing yourself to make your push ups and sit ups and other exercises challenge you more or you will not give the muscle reason to grow.

    Get creative, put some textbooks in a backpack and use that as extra weight to make it more difficult. Do chin ups in the same way.

    Bottom line, stress the muscles any way you can, eat well and rest and you will see improvements. However for maximum results proper weights are essential but this is a good place to start and at 14 your body is still developing so dont stress it too much man!

  7. I am 19 and am fed up with being skinny. I have been taking weight gain supplements and protien powders and all that and working out every chance i get. I made some gains initially but now i just feel like shit and am getting no where.

    Got any advice?

  8. @Simon
    Hi Simon,

    Advice? Dump the supplements, at your level they are largly a waste of time and money. If you didnt see the video i posted on this page go back up and have a look.

    You are better of spending your time and money on better food in general as well as lookign at what you are really doing with your workouts. You might be overtrainign also not giving your body enough time to grow the muscles before you punish them again.

    Try fewer but more intense workouts during the week. The no nonsense muscle building guide goes into a heap of detail about eactly how to wrokout and what to eat. Just stop with the supplements, they are no magic solution to muscle growth!

  9. I have two adjustable weights that go up to 20 pounds each but that’s all. My mom won’t let me get a pullip bar because she thinks it will break the wall or door. I been gaining 3-5 pounds each month for the past few month when I was in school but then I just gained fat weight not muscle. Now that I’m not in school I can’t check my body fat %. I workout almost everyday but I’m still having trouble. I have the most trouble with my abs and shoulders. I can only see four of my abs like a four pack. I’m having trouble with the top and my obliques. And I just can’t gt my shoulders wider. I used alot of weight and then not as much but no improvements. Any tips?

  10. dear james i am 15 years old and skinny as a twig everyone takes advanage of me because of that. i do pushups all the time but nuthing happing im goin to high school next year to play on the basketball team and they wont pick a sronny weak kid like me please help i beg of you

  11. hey vince
    this is nitin here,
    man i am damn too skinny , i feel very inferior in front of my friends . i am eating well above my capacity but i am not gaining noticable mass. can you please tell me what does “eating a lot” really means( in terms of calories).
    secondly , will eating protien rich foods make a difference?

  12. hi james! i’m israel from philippines, my problem was i am not gaining even though i gym and eat more foods. Im still too skinny. the problem of gyming was i only take a gym during weekends and never have time on weekdays maybe because of my work, tell what should i do during weekdays to improve my body. Please give advices suitable for people who currently dont have time on gym but wants to build their body?

  13. @Bob

    Hi Bob,

    Simply put, if you are gaining fat now and not muscle, you are eating too many calories and not pushing your musckles hard enough to use that energy in muscle building. Without knowing your diet i cannot be sure however.

    My advice would be, stop worrying about your abd. Stength in your core is more importnat than having a six pack. Having great core strength will build your muscle there, but only stripping away a lot of fat will reveal the muscles underneath.

    Dont try to build muscle and strip fat at the same time. It is better to bulk up, then go on a fat trimming regime which is easy for skinny guys, so concentrate on then muscle building and dont worry so much about the “look” just the results in terms of strength.

    I could rattle off lots of exercises to build shoulder but the problem is … you need to increase your weights. If you cant do that then you cannot push your muscles. If your current weights are too light you need bigger ones as simple as that.

    Sorry i cant be of more help there, but its not a matter of what your doing, but of the equipment you have.

    Try finding something to use as weights, old tyres, bricks, whatever …. makeshift stuff can be helpful but really you need to invest something to get soemthing.

  14. @dazaquane

    Hi dazaquane,

    The problem with push ups when you are a skinny guy is that you are pushing up such a small amount of weight! This is not challenging your muscles.

    You must really push to the extreme how much you can lift, the idea is to lift heavy not lots and lots of light reps. This will build endurance but not size.

    You need to find a way to lift weights that really challenge you, or find a way to make your body weight exercises heavier with some sort of extra weight. Building muscle requires investment.

  15. @Israel Mascarinas

    As i was just saying to the other posters, building muscle DOES require time and monetary investment if you want to do it right.

    However, you go to the gym and seem to realise this. However if you go to the gym on the weekend and push the intensity levels you should be seeing some gains, so look to your gym technique befoere you blame your lack of workout during the week.

    You also do not need to do long sessions to get gains. If you can spare just 30 minutes on a weekday to hit the gym then you can do a short but brutal workout that will help.

    Without the gym you will need to do exercise in your own home. If you have some weights you can do a number of exercises in house, but the key is making sure you are pushing your muscles and not just lifting light weights which will not spark muscle growth.

    Simple equation
    weight lifting to your capacity with heavy weights
    Eating enough food to feed your muscles and the rest of your body functions
    Enough rest to give the body time to repair and grow
    muscle growth!

  16. @nitin
    Hi Nitin,

    Again, I am not Vince … I wish I could have the body he does. Mine is still a work in progress ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just recommend his ebook The No-Nonsense Muscle Building Guide.

    Calories can be very individual depending on a number of factors. Your metabolism, your size, how much exercise you are doing etc so i cant give you an exact figure. You are spot on about protien though, high protien diets will help muscle growth as will eating foods with less saturated fats and trans-fats (you need good fats not bad ones).

    If you are eating a lot mroe than you sued to but you are still not making gains then the problem is probably your workouts and how much you are pushing your muscles. You have to have good eating habits AND good workout practice combined to produce muscle growth. Lift heavy, workout hard, eat more and rest well.

  17. hey Vince,

    i just wanna ask how will i start my body training program. im 17, im not sure how will i call my body but im an average thin guy with belly fats which i wanna get rid of in 3-4 months.i wanna give birth to these 6 packs that are hiding underneath. and at the same time, i wanna bulk up. im 65 kg and i wanna beef up to 75 kg if possible.

    im gonna start my diet schedule this week. can u suggest what type of foods should i eat and what’s not to eat?

    my simple goal is just like this: lost the belly fats, get a 6 pack, and bulk up and get ripped ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Hi Syn,

    Not Vince ๐Ÿ˜‰ … MY name is James I just promote Vince’s guide because I think it is the best for skinny guys looking to get more muscle mass.

    What to eat? You need to eat foods with lots of protiens and not much fat. chicken is always good, lean ret meat also. If you are working out with enough intensity you will also need to eat a lot more of everything if you have a fast metabolism to give your body the fuel it needs to build muscle. Eat dense, calorific foods and push your muscles.

    What not to eat is overly processed foods, sugary and starchy foods. Chips, fatty pizzas and the like. Dont avoit all fats, just the ones that come from overly packaged foods are the most dangerous.

    Now a warning …

    Dont try to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Focus on one or the other or you will fail at both. I reccomend that you bulk up first and get bigger, you migth put on a bit of fat you might hate but just go with it. After this you can then trim down with a different exercise regime and diet to get the body you want … if you try to mix cardio, low calorie dieting and muscle mass building you will not achieve it i gurantee you!

  19. Hey there James,

    I just wanted to know. I’m 15 years old, currently attending highschool and I’m skinny as hell. All my friends say I need to put on more weight and even I agree. I’m beginning to eat ALOT more (doubling everything I normally eat). During the holiadys when I’m free, would it be recommendable for me to hit the GYM with some friends?

    I heard it’s really hard for skinny guys like me to put on weight.

  20. Hi Andrew,

    Sounds like you understand the need for extra fuel to burn as a skinny guy so well done on that.

    However dont do this if you are not hitting the gym and exercising hard or that extra fuel will nto go to extra muscle, just fat. If you are going to eat mroe start exeercising now even if you cant get to a gym, start body weight exercises and make sure your energy has some muscles primed to grow!

    … and yea, get some friends together and hit the gym. Always good to have supprot and a big of competition as well. However, if they flake on you … never flake yourself … get to the gym no matter what and maintain a schedule or you will get haphazard results.

  21. Hey James,
    I’m a 19 year old. I’m skinny, unathletic and lack appetite for food and also lack strenght, stamina and confidence. I have always dreamed of having a well-built, well-shaped body, you know like the ones which most girls like and the guys who have it brag about.I have searched the internet and the only thing I found are people asking for money which a 19 year old like me can only pay in his dream. I have joined sports but the fact that I am skinny and unathletic lowered my self-esteem and confidence and hence got in the way of my progress.I also cant give push-ups because I think my hands are too weak to take my body weight and my knees always get bend. Simply put I dont know from where should I start and currently nothing is working. But reading the above article gave me some hope so please tell me how can I overcome the above problems

  22. Hi Ahlat,

    I understand your dilemma completely. Sometimes the lack of self confidence is the biggest challenge to overcome and if you dont start seeing results straight away then you get discouraged … i have been there too from time to time.

    I also understand your reluctance to pay for much as there are a lot of scams out there and money in your teens is hard to come by. So I want to give you a few bits of advice that I think you need.

    1. Paying money for something is going to have to happen. You will need to pay for gym memberships, you will need to pay for more food to build muscle, you will need to pay for bigger clothes, you will need to pay for all sorts of things. You know why? If you are SERIOUS about gaining muscle mass then you need to put your money on the line as well as your time, effort, sweat and tears. If you cannot spend a little then you are not really in the right headspace in my opinion.

    2. Getting into the right headspace. This is the first battle really and if you feel you cant even do light exercises then you need to start really low level and slow. Vince Delmonte actually has a part of his guide dedicated to pre-gym work to get your strength and felxibility up to speed which it sounds like you need. He even gives this part away for free which you can access via this link … i suggest you download it and give it a go and start seeing limited small results if not in MASS in STRENGTH as you find exercises becoming easier. This will move you and motivate you so DO IT NOW!

  23. thanks dude…your comment was really helpful…now i can see muscle growth and i was able to increase my weight…even though it needs a lot of time and effort to see the big result but a pound per month is ok to me…at least i can see improvements and muscle developments…thanks dude…more power!!! :DDD

  24. Hey James, I’m 19, around 5’9, and I weigh inbetween a little less than 120 or a little less than 130. Every time I go to the doctor, it’s always different. I’m a Sophomore in college now, but I did JROTC back in high school. I mostly did push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and run. I always had to push myself with the push-ups, but sit-ups were too easy. I can’t do a front pull-up, but I can do a chin-up. I wasn’t the fastest mile or the slowest, but I do have a heart murmur and a blood leak in one of my aortic valves. I’ve been told that I’m not supposed to play contact sports because if I get hit hard enough in the chest, I could get a serious injury. I still played pick up games back in high school though and was fine. I tried to steer clear of tackle football because of my size. In my garage, there’s those Bowflex dial weights which I use from time to time and a weight bench without the bar. Just the seat.

    Ever since my step dad has been around, my family stopped eating fast food every weekend and we just eat leftovers or I make a piece of fish and have some rice with my brother. My step dad makes cabbage with bacon, spinach, white rice with diced sausage, mushrooms, and brown gravy mix, cube steak, etc. My mom makes tyson chicken, oreida french fries, mac n cheese with hot dogs, spaghetti, etc. My step dad brings home little donuts and cinnamon buns. I do sit at home and play video games, watch tv, or sleep if I get bored enough because there’s not much I could do or know how to do for that matter besides go to class whenever I have it. Pretty much, my mom’s family is Italian and she’s a middle school iss teacher. My dad has asthma, had a hurnea, and didn’t want to see a doctor about it. My step dad, whom is my brother’s real dad, is Irish, a retired Army Captain who served in Vietnam and the Cold War, and works for the Dept. of Health as a master adjudicator. As you can tell, he knows how to fend for himself. Currently he’s fat, but working on losing the pounds. He can still hurt someone pretty badly even without one of his sidearms or a knife. My brother was heavy set, but not really fat. Around my age, he started running, then going to the rec center at USF and is ripped now. It’s been so easy for him. He’s even going to be an officer in the Navy. Do you have any tips for me so that I could be maybe even half as good?

  25. Hi Jake,

    Wow, that was quite a comment lol!

    From what I can see your biggest problem is you are comparing yourself to your brother who is a very different body type to you and you are too concerend with all the other stuff in your family.

    Forget that, forget all the other crap in your life and just focus on yourself, your body type and your efforts to get more muscular. Take charge of your own meals and your own routine dont copy anyone else who is not skinny like you ok!

    Sounds like you are starting from a seriously low intensity point if push ups are hard, i really suggest you click the link below and start from the free guide Vince Delmonte has released, it will be a very good start poitn for you.

    Just stop worrying about other people and concentrate on your own efforts ntohing else matters!

  26. Hey James. I was a high school athlete into basketball and football, but I’ve always been skinny, I weighted about 160 then. Listen now I’m 30 years old, I’m 6’3″ and my bodyweight fluctuates anywhere between 170 and 205,… and at any of those weights I still look skinny. The only thing is at 200+ my gut gets bigger and my pants feel tighter, but my arms and legs are still as skinny as they were at 170. I don’t have much more strength either but my endurance gets a bit better. Last year I didn’t train or eat much at all due to some financial issues that I was going through at the time and dropped all the way back to 170; I sweated heavily when doing the most simple tasks, etc. I finally got past my difficulties and am flush with cash and got back on the weight gain diet and started with bodyweight exercises. The only problem is that, at my age, I’m worried that I may not have the testosterone levels to build muscle naturally anymore and am considering going with some type of chemical enhancement. I don’t want to be a skinny-fat, out-of-shape 40 year old, but it isn’t easy to start when you’ve let yourself basically atrophy for 30 years. I’m thinking that it’s not possible for me to naturally build muscle at this point.

  27. Hi CK,

    Do not go the route of chemical additives you donโ€™t need them. All that stuff CAN be done naturally and tis better for you.

    If you lift weights correctly you will get the body to release natural growth hormone and testosterone from exercise. Also, the foods you eat will make a big difference to muscle building hormones as well.

    Vegetables, and lean meat and protein will all help testosterone increase. Broccoli I have heard is very good for this in particular. Also, doing all body exercises not isolation exercises helps the body release these hormones so try to do exercises that incorporate as many muscles groups as possible.

    Also forget about the belly to start with, guild your muscle first then cut down the fat later, if you worry about losing weigh while trying to gain muscle you will fail at both!

    Being 30 is not gonna stop you man! Just get out there and go hard at it with a good diet to back it up and you will start to see results … check some of the articles on this site for more tips or get Vince Delmonteโ€™s guide if you want a real step by step supercharge for building muscles.

  28. a year ago, i looked like a skinny drug addict. after working out regularly for a year, i still look like a skinny drug addict. damn those fat lazy ass. give me some of your fats!

  29. Hey man,

    The first problem yuo got is with the attitude. Calling yourself a loser is not going to help you get motivated to actually put on some muscle.

    Have a proper look through this site and see if you were doing some of the things i mention in my articles. Soemtimes it is just a single element you are missing that is inhibiting your muscle growth.

    You can do it, lots of skinny guys have. Just do your research and apply with an intensity that is related to how much you REALLY want it!

  30. Hey james, my friends said im not skinny, they think that im very lean for my size, i do have muscles and i have abs, not 6 packs but u can see maybe 3 packs or something, but i still think that my body mass is not big, so i do think im kind of skinny, i only have like little bit of fat in my body, sometimes my friends get jealous because i dont get that much fat in my body, and they said its easier for working out? i dont know. I weight at about 140, i do have a gym memebership, but the thing is that i dont really have the time to get to it, i have work and school, i only go maybe 2 times a week, and everytime when i lift i dont go for the heavy ones, i go for the light weights and do maybe 3 reps/12 like for dumbells, i lift 30lbs each, i dont go higher because my friend is really muscler and he told me to not lift heavy because it wont do anything for me but hurt my muscle, and wanted me to start with light weights, but i read the above articles and you mentioned to lift heavy and do less reps, so maybe i should really start doing that like maybe forcing my self to lift heavy weights? and also when i work out, i dont really sweat, but i do feel like im doing something because i get tired and stuff but i just dont sweat! So if you can give me some advices and help me out that be great, thanks in advance!

  31. Hi TKO,

    Heavy is a relative term – you should not lift too heavy to start with as you need to get your body fit and ready for those heavier weigths. If you go in too strong to begin with you can hurt yourself.

    However, hypertrophy which is the phsyicaly process of building muscle requires that you challenge your muscles. For hypertrophy to get started you will need to lift reps of about 8-12 max.

    When i mean max also i eman you cannot do anymore beyind that because it is the limit of your strength!

    If you feel you dont have enough musculature to hit the heavy weights yet I reocmmend downliding this free guide to pre-muscle building exercises by Vince Delmonte – its a good place to start – after that – ignore your friend and lift heavy because your body wont care if you just lift light – you will be working muscle endureance then and not stength or size.

  32. Sir James…
    thanks for this website,
    you really help a lot of people…
    especially the free guide to pre-muscle building exercises by Vince Delmonte…
    your the best!!!
    uhhhhmmmm…but for just one question, should i focus on gaining weight first because im skinny,
    or gain weight which i should eat a lot of feed with proper exercise?
    then if i know that i have the right body, i will focus on gaining weight?

  33. Hi ILoveThisSite,

    Thanks for the kind comments on my site, I am glad it is helping people! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am a little confused by the question sorry! If i am interpreting it right you are skinny and want to know if you should just focus on weight gain only?

    Well weight gain can be muscle or fat so it needs to be done right – and even if you are gaining muscle you might also gain some fat but thatโ€™s ok.

    In the end you need to concentrate on hypertrophy which is gaining muscle if you want to look bigger. It is about size which requires 3 things as has been mentioned – heavy weights to stain your muscles, enough food to feed the building of new muscle and good rest to give the body a chance to grow.

    Do not focus on the end goal – focus on the PROCESS and incremental improvement and before you know it you will see that end goal.

    Success is about doing all the little things right not doing just one big thing right ok ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let me know if i answered the question properly!

  34. @James McLain
    my friends and other classmate were so amazed about this site,
    you inspired a lot of people..

    now, they had already their reason to pursue their goals
    to continue… because they already given up because some of them are
    skinny and some of my friends are fat..

    about my question, because i am still skinny…should i need to be fat first?
    because some says that i need a little fat in my body to make it muscle,
    because if i am this thin and already started to train in a Gym
    the outcome will be not good…
    they said that the outcome muscle is not that big or not kinda good to see

  35. @James McLain
    oh ok i understand what you meant, but when you said reps of 8-12 max, do u mean 8-12 reps? and what does it mean by heavy? becuase i went to the gym yesterday and i lift more pounds than i used to, and i do like 3 reps of 12, is that good? And as i mentioned, i do not sweat at all while im working out, is this a bad thing? does it mean that im not doing anything at all?

  36. @ILoveThisSite

    No you do not need to be fat first at all. If you lift heavier weights and eat more food to fuel the muscle growth you might find you gain muscle AND fat which might be where you get this impression from.

    You do not need to be fat but you do need to eat more to build muscle ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. @TKO

    Sorry i might have mistyped – 3 sets of 8-12 reps is a good amount.

    However what you need to do is make sure that last rep is a killer! IF you do 12 reps and you feel you could do another 12 then you need more weight.

    8-12 reps means 8-12 before your body cannot do anymore from exhaustion or lack of strength. You may not break a sweat but you should feel the strain and get that feeling half way through a lift that you just cant complete it because you are too tired.

    That is what you are aiming for – to hit your limit – which tells your body to expand to exceed that limit!

  38. Hi James! Let me start by explaining my situation. I’m an 18 year old male who just started college, and I am an ectomorph body type – my muscle mass is similar to the picture you have posted of Vince Delmonte Before, but by next summer I want to be like Vince After. Being skinny I do have muscle, it just doesn’t show when I’m not flexing.

    I was wondering…it’s now October 2010, by June 2011 can I have tons of muscle packed on? There’s a gym at my College that features many of the weights and workout machines necessary to workout, but I was wondering if you could point me towards a 3 month routine and eating schedule to build muscle in 8 months. You should know I weight 150+/-, which fluctuates not only because of my fast metabolism, but because I suffer from hyperthyroidism, which speeds up my metabolism even more; but I am confindent I can build ALOT muscle by next June.

    Any tips or workout routines? Thank you so much James!

  39. Hi Jonathan,

    Simply put – get Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Guide. I can give you a basic overview if you check the articles on my site – but for more detail which i think you are looking for it is best to go straight to the expert himself.

    With a super fast metabolism you are going to need to be extremely careful how and when you eat though – ltos fo food – 5 meals a day. You are going to need to plan it and keep to a plan.

    The ebst part about Vinces guide is the meal plans in fact – all that studd is laid out for you.

    In the end it comes down to motivation, intensity and planning. Mostly you are going to have to want it so bad you will sacrifice a lot of shit to continue with the new diet regime and nto partying too much and all those other things.

    Be sure you want it BAD – it sounds like you do so i am confident you will get there man!

  40. hi there james
    i just wanted know how to get muscles. im really skinny i waight 120 and im 16 years old and im tired of ppl saying im way to skinny. i play soccer at my high skool we do alot of conditioning n ab working. i dont eat that much can yu help me how to start eating more n having more muscles .

  41. @carlos

    Eating enough can be a big problem for the skinny guy trying to build muscle.

    However soccer training is probably not enough to get you bigger muscles as there will be a lot of cardio work and muscle endurance work but very little HYPERTROPHY.

    Start doing some more muscle intensive exercises where the reps of the exercise do not exceed about 8-12 before you give out – and you should be pushing hard!

    Eating should increase as you do this as you know but try to pick calorie dense foods. That is foods that will be filling and give you a lot of energy but do not make you too full.

    Avocado, cereals, oatmeal, pasta are all good as well as potatoes, yogurt, corn and a variety of different nuts too.

    So make sure to do this alongside your soccer training and you should bulk up!

  42. @robbie whitley

    Hey Robbie,

    Sorry for some reason your earlier comments were deleted I know know how to get them back!

    If you need help check this site man and my articles here. If you need a complete program I cannot help you here but highly recommend Vinces guide here:
    No Nonsense Muscle Building Guide

    If you need something just to start though Vince has a free part of his guide you can download to get yourself over that first hurdle – grab it here:

    Upside Down Training

  43. hi im robbie and im wondering i cant get your magazines because i dont make much money and my family will not buy it for me help me

  44. It is not about the equipment you are using Robbie – it is about how you use it.

    As long as you have enough equipment to lift ehavy weights in a variety of ways to target all muscle groups – then you will gain muscle if you do that and follow the other adivce on this this site.

    Just having soem brand of weigths is not going to help you anywheer near as much as information and motivation.

  45. Okay, i’ve been reading lots of forums around including the ones on and I seem to be doing everything right now diet-wise to gain weight, eating a little more than my bodyweight in protein grams and eating a very large amount of calories, just one thing i was wondering… If i cram in a few meals with calories but not real dense calories or strong nutritional value will i still gain the same way? and if i do gain additional fat for “cheating” with those foods can’t i just increase cardio to get rid of the fat? and on another not i wanted to know, is the max i can gain of muscle per week actually only 1 pound? seems like it will take forever to put on healthy mass

  46. @Dane
    Hi Dane,

    If you fill up with worthless calories you will not get as good muscle gain no. But yes, you can cut down fat at a later point – in fact i encourage you to build muscle first and if you overload on calories a but dont worry. Cut them down afterwards or you will be combating fat and trying to build muscle at the same time which does not work well.

    As for how much you can actually gain. It is about 1-2 pounds of DRY muscle per month. This is muscle withotu any water, blood, glycogen in it. It will actually add about an extra 5-6 pounds of actualy weight to your body though. Be careful about that numbe – this video can explain a bit more:

  47. @adam mays

    Hi Adam,

    If you are insinuating that the No Nonsense Muscle Building Guide is a scam then you got it wrong. If you get Vinces guide this is just like purchasing a book and DVDs pack from a bookshop. The only difference is that this package is distributed online and digitally only not as a physical product.

    It is just like buying a book from amazon or any other large retail website except Vince is self published and uses clickbank as a secure means of exchanging money for high quality content specifically aimed at helping skinny guys grow thier muscles naturally.

    Also, the the 60 money back guarantee – it is real – buy it, dont like it, return it. There is at no point anything you could consider a scam here – just a guy who knows his shit selling a self published product that really works . as simple as that man!

  48. Hey james, im a 14 year old teenager thats going to a ghetto highschool next year, im just over 100 lb.s and i hate eating! ive tried weights & dont work. prob is im a pick on. i need to get ripped & do it in 7-8 sick of being pushed around and if the price it takes to stop it is 8 months of kicking my own ass, then so be it! PLEASE help me out.

  49. @Jose Luis

    Hey Jose – Check out the articles on this site and the other comments here for general info. However hating eating is going to be your problem. No matter how hard you push yourself you will nebver gain weight eithout eating enoguh calories to fuel muscle growth. LEarn to eat 6 smaller emals a day – but you gotta eat man or you will always be skinny.

  50. Hey Vince I have myself a situation. I currently weigh 100 pounds and dropped from 105 and am bouncing now between the double and triple digits in weight. I’ve tried gaining weight but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I am in shape but I don’t have the muscles I’d like to have comparing to others my age. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m maintaining my fitness, but want actually see my fitness work. Any suggestions?

  51. Hey my name is Basil Ive been lifting heavy for 3 months and have only gained 4 lbs i eat massively and have a hardcore job. im wondering about supplements to help any tips on this?

  52. Hi, the problem with me is that i eat way too much, but never get fat, im 6,0 and i weigh 125 pounds , i drink protein shakes do pushups, situps etc.. but never feel a difference, do you have any suggestions for me ?

  53. @Basil
    Hey Basil,

    If you are doing everything right and still showing no real gains then supplements CAN help, but I have never believed in them much and do not use them myself. I do not want to give advice where I do not consider myself and expert.

    Vince Delmonte has written a few articles on this however that might interest you:

    Hope that helps!

  54. @John

    Just push ups and sit ups are not going to help man. You need to reall PUSH your muscles with some heavier weights. Your own body weight is probably not challanging yuor muscles any more so they have no need to grow.
    Invest in some weihts or join a gym and start lifting heavier I suggest ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Hi James I just want to say that what your doing for people is great, your so helpful and supportive. You give out amazing and helpful information. Thank you for making this web-site.

    I think I understand everything I need to do and what I was doing wrong before but I still need some help. I’m 14 years old, I am about 4’11 or 5’0, and weigh about 80 to 85 pounds. Im to skinny and need to change that. I want to work out as I grow because my brother did when he was 14 to when he was about 18 years old. Now he’s almost 20, he doesn’t work out anymore but he is still ripped. My dad said it’s cause he worked out as he grew so that’s what I’m going to try to do. I have three problems that I need help with though. First I don’t know how often I should work out, everyday, every other day, or every 2 days. Please help me out with this problem. Second I don’t know what all muscles I should be working out. I don’t work out my legs because I’m always on them and I go to the gym and play basketball for about 5 hours twice a week. I’ve been working out my chest by doing pushups to work out my chest, I’ve been using dumbells to work out my biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, back, and the upper back (I forgot the name for the upper back but you know what I mean). I’ve only been working out for a couple days. I’m going to do start doing 3 sets and 12 reps but adjust the weights so that it burns after the 12th rep like you said. Please tell me what I’m doing right or wrong. Third I’m having trouble building muscle in one area, my wrists. What can I do to solve this problem? I also have one last little question, i don’t think I have to worry about what i eat as long as I eat a lot cause that’s what my brother did and that’s what he tells me, I was just wondering if this is true?


  56. Hey man,

    Thanks for the compliments; I am glad this site is helping so many people ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for your situation, I just want to make it clear that you are not fully developed yet at 14 so do not overdo it ok. Sometimes it can seem frustrating but your hormones are going to be going crazy about now making it very hard to predict how your bodybuilding will go.

    That being said, you seem to be doing the right thing. You need to make sure you keep increasing the weights you use though when it becomes too easy. I would try to push it down to a 8-10 rep max per set to really push those muscles if you can. I would take up squats for your legs (and everything else) as well. While you are using yoru legs a lot – you are not building muscle with them if you are not making those muscles really work against some sort of extreme pressure.

    Food is vitally important though, your brother is only partly right. Do not just eat crap, you get energy but you do not get the vitamins you need to make a difference. It will also make you unhealthy. Do not stress about it too much, just make sure you eat relatively healthy and load up when you are working out hard.

  57. Thanks for the help James, I’ll try to eat healthy and I found a work out plan.

  58. This is my workout plan now, some people could consider it overtraining but I never feel sore.
    Mon- Full body workout
    Tues- rest
    Wen- Full body workout
    Thur- rest
    Fri- Full body workout
    Sat- rest
    Sun- rest
    Do you think this is overtraining? I never feel sore the next day so I don’t know.

  59. Hi James,
    I’ve always been working out ever since I was 16, It only became a habit for me when I hit 18. I am 18 now, still kinda skinny but I am really glad I am getting results. I just have a few questions regarding guys who are just beginning to see results. I noticed a lot of stuff are developing unevenly. my pecs and my arms for example. Also I noticed some muscle not exactly being formed over my ribs. is this normal? I mean, I know I’ve been working out all parts of my body, I just feel like my ribs are still kinda…well…prominent. My abs are also growing more forward that they have now surpassed my pecs…it looks kinda weird (my pecs aren’t that developed though, but Everything is still kinda shaping up but I’m just not sure if they are shaping up in the right way since some of them are uneven, and some muscles are smaller than others even if I’ve given them equal amounts of weight and reps. and about pecs, I noticed my pecs grow faster at the top, closer to my shoulders and clavicle, than the bottom where it meets my nipples. Is this how they normally grow? From the top of the pec to the bottom? shouldn’t they both just equally grow?
    Also, I got myself a pre-workout supplement called “Bulldozer5000XL”, its supposed to give me massive amounts of energy during my workouts. I’ve researched a great deal and have found that this is apparently the best one (Force factor was just pure marketing….). I just want to know if you’ve had experience with it or anything like it and If it’s really worth it because I’m about to order another bottle? I have noticed a difference but since I’ve been using it for a while, I’m not sure i still notice it.
    And one last thing, Is it bad to substitute milk for a meal? I do not normally do this but sometimes i realize that when I drink milk, I get full faster. Would it be better for me to just eat the food and cut-down on the glasses of milk? Is what I’m doing now (milk-loading i guess you can call it) ok?

    thank you so much

  60. @Ken
    Hey Ken,

    One thing I do like to point out is that genetically your body is going to grow muscle slightly differently to other people. For instance, some peoples pecs form together to get that muscly cleavage, while others can never get that because their body is not geared to build muscle in that form. You can be just as strong and just as big but the shaping is quite genetic.

    You can take some steps to improve various areas but for the most part when you are starting out trying to go form skinny to muscle you should just concentrate on gains everywhere. Later on there are some more advanced training that can help get some of those stubborn muscles to grow – so donโ€™t worry too much about it, I am sure in time everything will fill out a bit more then you can focus.

    As for milk – milk is very good for muscle building; however i would never recommend just having milk without some solids. Milk has to be a part of your diet but you are not going to get the nutrients you need just from milk. As a skinny guy you need to eat more but in smaller meal sizes more often. Each meal needs to be a proper meal not a snack!

  61. Hey James,
    I saw that you were giving a lot of feedback. I’m a skinny guy, like a lot of ppl on here and I want to get bigger obvoiusly. However, I was taking a double take on which program to follow, because they all look good, but some target different things. Basically, what I want to know is does Vince’s Program good for a skinny dude to gain weight? Not just any weight muscle mass weight. I’ve tried in the past to get bigger, and was unsuccessful becuz I was too lazy. But I did some gains when I used to do pushups every nite, and I still got my chest, but the rest of my body is lacking and I need sum guidance.

  62. @Mason
    Hey Mason,
    Vince’s guide is definitely the one to get if you are a skinny guy looking to gain muscle mass. He does not believe in targeting individual muscle groups like a lot of others – instead he focuses on the entire body and getting bigger and stronger all over.
    There are a lot of good guides out there mind you, but I chose Vinceโ€™s because I have a huge amount of respect for him and I like the way he goes about muscle building – all body, natural, no steroids, no supplements even – just good advice for skinny guys to gain muscle, not fat.

  63. Hey James!
    I really like your website, I was desesperate… Anywayz I’m 19 and I wanna stop being skinny and I’m motivated to change this. So I’m gonna subscribe myself to a gym in 1 week and I wanted to know how I should perform my work out time. My plan is to focus on part of the body by day and take a ”rest day”. It would be like this :
    1st day : Pecs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs,
    2nd day : rest
    3th day : All the legs part + abs
    4th day : rest
    5th day : full body work out but more focused on pecs, shoulder, biceps, triceps and abs
    6th day : General body work out + cardio (I’m a pro swimmer)
    7th day : rest
    and I repeat the process but with different excercices so my muscles dont get used to it

    That’s my schedule is it okay? If not what should I change?
    During my work out time, should I do a lot of reps with no big weights or increase weights and doing less reps like instead of 3 x 12 reps with medium wieghts I should do 2 x 10 reps with big weights that gonna push my muscles to the max?

    I just wanted to say thanks and I find your website amazing, I hope that this website will help others (including myself) and maybe make one too so I can share my experience if it can helps others. (Sorry for my english, I speak french… :P)

  64. @Reda
    Hi Reda,
    Thanks for the compliments on the site, I know it has helped a number of guys get the body they want and I hope it continues to do so ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for your training schedule, I would suggest that you stop focusing on individual muscles and work on all body workouts. This might mean you are targeting some muscle groups in a day more than others, but try to exercise the entire body rather than individual muscles as you will waste energy and grow LESS muscle overall.

    The other thing that worries me a little is your cardio workout and the fact you are a swimmer. Not that it is a bad thing, but trying to be an ace swimmer and get bulkier and more muscly at the same time might be a tough ask. I always recommend to build muscle first, then cut back on any excess fat.

    Also – if you are working at a higher intensity i would suggest more breaks in between workouts in case you overtrain. Your muscles need sometimes more than a day to fully repair and grow.

    Good luck!

  65. Hey man,

    I’m 21 and in University now. I’ve got a super fast metabolism and weight in at 170. I’m going into law enforcement and need to get this skinny frame into a much heavier set frame, obviously before I apply. I started up at a gym and started eating a lot more than usual to “fuel the fire”. Do you know how much muscle mass is a realistic goal to gain within a year?? And also how many reps do you recommend? I’ve fairly recently started at the gym and do 3 sets with 8 reps. Is that a sufficient amount if I struggle to do the last last rep of every set from pushing so hard??


  66. @Devan
    Hey Devan,
    Your reps and sets sound about right, you should really be struggling on that last one so you know you are pushing yourself to the limit and achieving what you need for the muscles to spark muscle growth.
    As for how much to gain in a year, without steroids you can gain about 1-2 pounds of DRY muscle per month. This is not your total gain as this muscle weighs more when fluids and blood are running through it, but that is about all the body can actually produce.
    So over a year maybe 12-24 dry muscle pounds which would equal more actually weight.
    This is optimal of course, so if you keep at it, you can achieve it!

  67. @dazaquane
    The reason why you are not gaining muscle is because you are not eating enough protein. You should consume 1.5 grams per lbs of body weight. Also you probably are not intaking enough calories per day, since you say you play basketball, that is very cardio extensive, which is burning up your calories and protein, and drawing from your muscles for energy. A great way to boost your protein intake is to drink whey concentrate with skim milk before and after working out or playing basketball. Also try to eat 1000 more calories than your normal daily consumption. You can achieve this by eating snacks in between meals, and before bed. Remember you want healthy calories, junk food will not help you. Hope this help, it worked for me. You should check out Vince’s diet and workout plan mentioned on this site, it’s a good one.

  68. Hi, im a skinny fat guy and i’m wondering if you can help me. This is the 4th time i’ve tried my luck with weight trainging and this time i’m determined to stick with it. Everytime i do it i get to about 3/4months in and realise i’m making minimal if no gains at all and i quit. The last time i tried i bought some weight gain products and ate everything that came my way absolutely anything making my weight rocket from 10 stone to 12 stone quite quickly. Problem is with my body type i tend to not just be skinny but also carry fat on my belly , and my chest which is really annoying. So i’m left with relatively skinny limbs but quite a bit of fat on my torso. I’m currently weight training and eating normally and sitting at about 11 and a half stone. I’m wondering whether to eat more again put up with the fat that i gain and maybe get to 13 stone and then try the cutting phase back to wherever looks suitble. my training is fine low reps, very heavy weights and compound exercises rather than isolation 3 times per week. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  69. Hey my name is chavez and am really skinny I been going to the gym for like 3 or more months and I dnt see a lot of results in my body.. I take a supplement everytime I go to the gym.. idk if am working my body rite cuz I only work my chest,shoulders,bi.and tri. Thts the only muscles I work

  70. @Jimbob
    Hey Jimbob,
    Hard to say from just that info. I immediately though about WHAT you were eating more than the amount. Eat too much crap and you will put on fat and not gain as much muscle. If you weight training is good you might also look at the frequency to see if you are not giving enough time for the muscles to repair themselves too.
    Lastly, yes – bulking up and gaining a bit of fat but also gaining muscle is ok. The professionals do it, sometimes you do add some fat while building muscle and then you can cut it back so donโ€™t be scared of a little bit. If it is a lot – then you need to be careful.

  71. @chavez
    Hi Chavez,
    Read the articles on the site here on how to work your body when training. How you do it is really important. You should probably expand those muscle groups – but it is all about how you lift for maximum mass.

  72. Hey James,
    I am a freshman in high school and I’m 6’2″ but only weight 175 pounds. I am cut but I want to get huge. No matter how much working out I do I can’t gain weight. I’m afraid I wont be as big as my dad (former college football D1 tight end). He was 6’5″ 255 and is now 6’5″ 215. He has me doing heavy weights but I can’t gain more than a little bit. How do I gain weight and get huge?


  73. Hey james… im very slim but also ripped with a low body fat percentage…i have quite broad shoulders..and im just under 6ft…i dont really do much working out just chin ups and my job ( Genral labour ) i eat alot a day to.. breakfeast lunch dinner and maybe something for bed…i smoke weed and tabbaco (doesnt help) i dont get alot of protein maybe some meat twice a week…i cant seem to get my body over 11 stone ( dont know what that is in pounds, im british)i have got a high motabalism when i tense my arm muscle its like theres a tennis ball in my arm… basically what have i got to do to slow my motabalism, get past 11 stone and bulk out these ripped muscles ? many thanks

  74. @John
    Hi John,
    It depends on the timeframe you expect to get bigger, it does not happen immediatly. If your dad has you doing heavy weights properly then the other prime aspects of gaining weight will be your diet and your recovery periods. Check the other articles on this site for more info on that – you might simply not be eating enough, or of the right stuff!

  75. @Jakk
    Hi Jakk,
    Sounds like it is your lack of working out that is the problem. Read some of the articles I have on the site and you will see what sort of exercise you need to be doing. Heavy lifting basically, chin ups are great but once you can do many of those without much of a challenge your body will not grow any further. You need to challenge those muscles with weight not repetition.

  76. Hey James I’m wondering what kinda foods do you have to eat to help muscle grow?? And also do you have to eat alott???

  77. Hey Vinney, I desprately need your help! I am really really skinny only weighing 90 lbs and I have tried everything and I mean everything! Magazines, suppliments, training, and even considering steroids! I only have 3 months to be ripped, and If I dont I will have your problem fitting in, and I really want to get this smokin hot chik, but I cant afford your plan, and I really feel hopeless because I have no idea what equipment to use what to eat, and I really need this because I need a beach bod for cali in 3 months! Help! Om really desperate! Please!!!!!!!!!????????

  78. @John b.
    Hey John,
    I cannot do anything about price, but I can tell you this – you are not going to build a better body fast without expending time, effort AND money. You are going to need a gym membership or your own equipment, you are going to need to budget for totally different eating habits, and you are going to probably end up with a bunch of other expenses on top of that.
    If you have already spend money on useless supplements, and magazines I think you can probably afford to give Vinceโ€™s guide a shot – hell its got a money back guarantee mate so you cant go wrong!
    However to get started, go and download his upside down training guide, this is a great point to start at and is totally free. It will give you a good idea of the quality of the main guide as well.
    Also – donโ€™t worry about what other people think – do this for yourself before anyone else!

  79. Hi james, I am definitely an ectomorph. I am 5ft 6 and used to weight around 115 pounds. With doing 2 years of heavy weight lifting and eat 5 to 6 meals a day (no cardio exercises at all). I am now weight 145 pounds. I have decide to put on 10 more pounds of lean muscles by using creatine next month. I am happy with my result so far. However since I been doing weight lifting and eating like a horse. I have been carrying a bit of fat and it’s very obvious on my belly and I want to lose that fat. As a hardgainer, I know too much cardio will lose not just fat but also muscles. I am scaring of losing my hard earn muscles and don’t want to be skinny again. How many times I should do cardio in a week?? And how long for each cardio session I need to do so I will lose my belly fat, get ripped and at the same time also building muscles. Thanks!!!!

  80. Hi Nico,
    My advice is not to try to lose weiht and build muscle at the same time because most people cannot do both.
    I would focus on gaining muscle first, keep doing what you are doing well and then look to cut some fat. Once you have the muscle, you can maintain that muscle while adjusting your diet and putting a bit more cardio into the workouts. All the energy from your food will need to go into maintinaing muscle so it should mostly eat away some of that fat. Your diet will be more importnat than the exercise at this point I feel as long as you dont keep trying to build muscle at the same time.
    Hope that helps!

  81. hey my problrm is this im 6ft4 150lb i got 1% percent body fat so all my eforts have just lost fat
    i eat lots and often four times a day and i work on a service rig i get lots of strength i can lift more then anyone on my crue who avrage about 200lb to 275lb and there defenently not fat but i look scrony any tips would help

  82. @colton
    Hi Colton,
    There is a difference between muscular strength and muscle mass which is what you want. Having more mass means you will be stronger, but you can also increase your strength in ways that do not show as much. You have trained your muscle fibres to work well which is awesome, but you need to also create mass as well.
    You might even be lifting too heavy, strength training usually has a max of 6 reps per set while hypertrophy training for muscle mass encourages 8-12 reps. These weights target different things. I donโ€™t know about your lifting habits, but keep within that range and keep eating a lot and you should gain some muscle.
    If you are doing mroe than 12 reps a set, then you migth be confusing muscle endurance with strength also – keep mid range to challenge your muscles so they grow if you fuel them.

  83. Hi James I’m 16 and I’m 6 ft and 135 pounds iv just started going 2 the gym and using weight gain I’m just wondering wat I should do 2 gain alot of muscle mass cause I’m tired of being skinny. I also eat alot and I’m not gaining alot of weight also ur doing a great job running this website

  84. Wen I said I’m not gaining alot of weight I mention I’m gaining nearly no weight and I and I’m starting weight gain next week .. Please help

  85. @Adam
    Hi Adam,

    Thatโ€™s kind of a general comment man. It is all about HOW you plan and implement your diet not just the amount. It is also about HOW you are working out, not just the fact that you are going. Check out the other articles on this site first and get back to me, i might be able to input a little more after that ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Hey, I worked out for a good 4 months working out to the point I could even do one more push up and I the only result I got was veins. I do about 300-500 push ups and the same amount of dips. I’m also taking jacked 3d energy supplement.

    Any advise?

  87. i was damn skinny before but then i bought a st of dumbells and a barbell and guess what i have gained 12 kilos of muscle mass..working out works out for every1 oh and make sure you take kind of a supplement..weight training the best thing that ever happened to me. It took me an average of 5 months to increase my muscle mass.

  88. @Gage
    Hi Gage,
    Push ups after a cerain point will not help you gain muscle. You are not challenging your muscles anymore for weight, only for endurance which does not buikld muscle. You NEED to lift heavier weights because your own body weight is not enough.
    Forget the supplements, get soem weights or hit the gym man because those push ups and dips will not cause your muscles to grow.

  89. Hey James, i got 2 questions

    what is your opinion on eggs to help me gain weight? are they good for me or will they just fatten me up?

    Also, i can do 16-17 pullups. Is this rep amount low enough so that I will still build muscle or will it just build endurance at that point? should I hang weight?

  90. @Moon
    Hi Moon,
    Eggs are great sources of protien. The whites are the main source and the yolks are a little bit more fattening. If you are a naturally skinny guy whole eggs are probably ok but if you are worried about extra fat ust use the egg whites.

    17 pull ups – you are training endurance not for size or stength there.

  91. I’ve got a question. My Arms seem to be different. One looks more defined than the other Arm. Each Arm gets the same workout and reps. Is this ok or did I do something wrong? That and my arms still look small. I can only see the Muscle when they’re flexed. Is that a sign of them getting bigger? My Abs are getting defined as well.

  92. @Chris
    Do not worry too much about ‘definition’ at least early on. If you are gaining mass and are eating a lto to support it you might also be gaining a bit of extra fat which might hide that muscle.
    If you cannot see the results, start using a tape measure around certain body parts and measuring the difference in size to see results. How much you can lift is also a good way to measure your increase ins stength. Keep at it and the results will be more visual in time.

  93. Hey, I’m 6 ft 2 inch and weight 10 stone 1 lb. I’m tall but seriously skinny. I’ve bough Power90 master beleiving it was going to get me in good shape howeve rhavnt started it yet. I also havn’t started taking the 2.5 kg of protein i have. After reading some of your articles i’ve no idea what to do. P90X ive read and power90 master are for toning, they will just keep me skinny if not make me skinnier. The ideas i got were to get up, 4mile run on an empty stomach. get in, do my 1hour p90x workkout. Then have my protein shake, have a huge bowl of porrage oats, then have a smoothie. Then when i get in at 5pm have the rest of my protein shake, 8eggs scrambled and a bowl of porrage again, then my tea and whatever. My diet plan i have no clue for really. I’ve no idea how to get bigger and put muscle on. I’m basically investing my money in ideas to only find conflicting ideas elsewhere.
    I really really need your help and i’m at wicks end with everything. I’m seriously skinny and being 19 now it effecting my career life in catastrophic ways. Please e-mail me

  94. @Jack
    Mate, drop the run, drop the cardio. You need it for a warm up but you should be focusing on weights and good healthy food – lots of it. Donโ€™t trust all those supplements, they can be useful but not to any massively measureable degree. You are better off focusing on the core essentials of intense high weight workouts, eating right, and getting enough recovery time. The other issue you might get with the mental state you are in is to jump from program to program trying to find a solution fast. Even a less than optimal program done constantly will get you closer to your goal than a good program abandoned after a few weeks.
    Focus on the core fundamentals of gaining mass.
    Weight lifting that stresses the muscles.
    Enough food and nutrients to give the body the energy to build muscles.
    Enough rest and recovery time to give the body time to build muscles.

  95. Hey James.

    Really quick. Im about to be seventeen and im a football player. My freshman year i was 6’2 195 mostly muscle. I cant get back there. Im in line for scholarships but feel i wont be able to compete at the next level with only being 170 now. Please send any information that you feel would be beneficial to me. Thanks. i really appreciate it.

  96. I am 16 years old and play baseball. I am 5 ft. 10 in. and weigh 145 lbs. I am very
    interested in your program but I have food allergies and that is why I struggle with weight
    gain. I CAN NOT EAT ANY DAIRY OR SOY PRODUCTS! Can you provide more detail about your healthy diet plans? I am ready to buy this program today. I just need to know if the
    information will help me or not.

    Thank you

  97. @Daryl
    Hey man,
    Kind of hard to tell why you have hit that wall with the infomration you have given me. If you got there once you have a pretty good idea of the basics i would say. Send me an email or update me here in the comments and i will see what else i can suggest ok.

  98. @Carson
    Hi Carson,
    There is some dairy included in some of the diet plans but they can be replaced with similar foods. A replacement for soy or milk might be Oat Milk or Rice Milk which could be a good alternative for instance. The basic program will give you the groundwork and the general idea and if you go the whole hog and get the full diet plans you might need to adjust a little bit but it should not be too arduous.
    As long as you understand what each bot of food is giving in terms of energy and nutrients you can replace that food with something else. The guide does go into that detail so you should be able to work around it. All the other parts on how to workout and everything else is very eye opening too.

  99. Hey James
    I weigh 166 pounds but im 5 ft 11in, so I look skinny. Ive been tryin to work out, but it doesnt seem to work. Ive tried to build a better physique and get bigger, but I simply cant. Is there anyway you can help me?
    Please answer quickly

  100. Hi James,
    I’m 17 years old, weigh 62 kilos and no matter what I do I just can’t seem to build muscle. I have a bench in my room with 35 kilos on the barbell but can only manage 20 reps at a time. Should I do this more often or do you have any other suggestions?

  101. @Adil
    Hi Adil,
    Well this site has a lot of advice on how you can technically handle muscle building, and I recommend the No-Nonsense Muscle Building Guide if you want a complete system.
    The most important thing to do however is to stop with the I Can’t attitude. You can build muscle even if you are skinny. So many others have, you are not some special case that cannot – you just need a system to follow and the willpower to see if through!

  102. @Paul
    Hey Paul,
    Too many reps man, not enough weight. Lifting more times does not build muscle mass or strength, it only builds endurance. If you want to build muscle you need to add more weight, you only need to do sets of 8-12 reps at a time maximum.
    Add more weight and when that weight starts feeling light and you do more reps with it – add MORE weight ok!

  103. Hey, im 18, height is 6’5 im 200LBS but tall and slim, i need some tipps on how i could get myself in rank shape, for basketball, i wanna get strong, and ripped, and gain some weight, with muscle i wanna pack on,
    i need some advise, how i should workout, what should i eatt, for a diet, and learn abuot supper sets, and all that kinda shit means,
    i wanna pack as much as i can, just to look big, but not to big
    should i take weigh protien,


  104. I am 6’1 and weigh 137 pounds, and I eat a lot, but my metabolism is very high, and I just want to gain more weight, and apparently muscle weight woul be much better, sine 1. It weighs more than fat. 2. Fat is just unattractive. .-.

  105. @Alex Atkins
    Hi Alex,
    Forget the weigh protien. I mean it is not going to hurt – but your general diet and your workouts are far mroe important. The question you ask is pretty broad so check the rest of the articles on the site or check out the muscle building guide i promote if you want a lot more info man.

  106. @Trenton
    Hey Trenton,
    You got it right there man. Not that having some fat is bad – dont be scared of gaining a little as you gain muscle – you can always cut it down later.
    Most important is to just be healthy remember that!

  107. Hey James. I’ve just started working out again for the first time in two years. I’m 6’3 190lbs. I’ve been at it for about a month and gained about 4lbs (I was about 184-5 when I started). I workout 3 times a week as hard as I can with about as heavy of weights as I can. I’ve been trying to eat at least 3000 calories a day. Nuts, oatmeal, cereal, protein bars, lunch meat, yogurt, brocolli, and boiled eggs are pretty much all I eat. I also take a creatine supplement before workouts and a high calorie protein supplement at least once a day. Most nights i sleep 8-10 hours. My target weight is 205 but I want it all to be lean muscle and I want a six pack. So far I’ve seen minimal physical gains but have noticed an increase in strength. Is there anything else I can do to help achieve faster cosmetic results? Or just in general?

  108. Hi James,

    I have a serious problem in my nutrition.
    Here’s my case:
    I’m tall, skinny (6’3 and 165 pounds) and I live in a BIG family. I have three sisters and one brother and my parents love still each other (thank god!). My mom does grocery shopping every week and the food in the house gets eat FAST! I try to eat more but I can’t because food goes fast here. So I grew up to eat little meals.

    Since January, I’ve been working three times a week to beef up. I read stuff about muscle building, joined the school gym and got my first program. I’ve been doing great but I still haven’t a pound! I drank a protein shake after every workout but it done nothing.

    So I researched and found out that I wasn’t eating enough. So, I try to make bigger lunches but food is very limited here. When I try to eat more, my mom always stops me because I have to leave some to the others. I tried to explain to her that I need to eat more but she doesn’t want to buy special meals for me.

    I’m a student so I can’t buy more food myself because all my money pretty much goes to pay for school right now. I can buy SOME food but not alot.

    So, what can I do?

    What can I do?

  109. @Ryan
    Hi Ryan,

    Sound slike you got the basics right there. An increase in strength is a start for sure, if your strength is increasign so will your mass as well – you just need to stick with it. Gains do not happen as quick as you think but keep it up for another few weeks and you will start to see a noticable difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. @Jeremy
    Hi Jeremy,

    Sounds like you need to really sit down and budget out how much you can afford and start buying the best calorie dense foods you can for the lowest cost. It is best to have 5-6 smaller meals a day as well to space out your calorie intake and keep your body fuelled.

    There is not much else to say except you need to be smart with you money and how you eat. Make a budget, make meal plans and stick with it as best you can.

  111. I am 5”9 and weighed around 125, I kept a high protein low carb diet thinking that I was going to get big and stay cut. Wrong, you can’t do both at the same time. I also worked out like crazy! That meant I was burning more calories and my body wasn’t recovering. I ate soooo much and didn’t gain. Try keeping your carb and protein intake high and working out less! I now weigh 142 and I am adding more and more. People say they notice my weight gain and muscle. I can’t stress that enough, otherwise you are wasting. DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT BIG MUSCLE GUYS SAY, IT DOESN’T WORK FOR SKINNY GUYS, PERIOD.

  112. Can Ectomorphs really gain muscle? This Person here is trying to say something different.
    @Dante โ€“ I strongly disagree.

    Vince is one of the very rare ectomorphs that has almost no distance between his elbow and edge of his contracted bicep. Many ectomorphs (myself included) have a 2 inch space there. This is a strong genetic predictor of muscular potential. The greater the space, the less muscular potential.

    Iโ€™ve gained 25-30 pounds of muscle since I was in Army Basic training at the age of 17. Muscle is possible for ectomorphs, but we still have limitations that most mesomorphs donโ€™t have.

  113. Would it make a difference if you got the “Maximize Your Muscle” Program instead of the No nonsense(its made by Vince too)?

  114. @Dante
    Every body type has it’s own problems with weight loss or weight gain. Vince might be blessed with some slightly different genetics than others also, but it never means you can NOT gain muscle.
    Every person can gain muscle, but where and exactly what it looks like will vary. A good example is the chest, no matter how much muscle you gain how it looks varies – some have sqaure flat looking pecs, others more rounded, some have a “cleavage” and others are mroe flat on the sternum. You can only gain as much muscle as you can and the body will take this muscle and put it where it is able. In the end you will become stronger and look better – but you might not look like Vince or other bodybuilders, just different.

  115. @Chris
    Hi Chris,

    I think the Maximize Your Muscle program was a limited offer that included personal coaching so Vince might not have been able to keep up with demand. I think he might be re-opening it later on – but the no nonse guide is the best bet for skinny guys just starting out with bodybuilding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Hi James. I’m new to the site. Seems like a great place for honest objective advice. Something we need more of. Long story short, I lost my job about 2 years ago. Was 185 with skinny legs and arms. I’m 6’1 with a 17.5″ neck and a big head. Problem is, since I’m out of work, I’ve gained almost 40 pounds. Went from 185 to 230. Now I’m winded going up stairs and forget about sex. I’ve developed hip and lower back problems, probably as a result of the extra weight. I may be asking a lot, but at 41, I want to get back into better shape. I want my old clothes to fit me, and more importantly, I don’t wanna have to feel self-conscience on the beach. A gut, with skinny arms and legs ain’t real attractive, if you know what I mean. I started push ups and situps and stopped for some reason. What do you suggest? I’m not adverse to join a gym, but I think that may be at somepoint down the road. I can’t do 5 pushup’s anymore. Need help. And the doctor agrees.

    Do I start with the simple bodyweight excercises, or is it worth it to go to the gym for major muscle exercises. And I’m sure my diet has to change as well. Any advice or existing websites you would recommend. My doc has cleared me for exercise as long as I don’t overdo it.


  117. @Skinny 41 year old w/ belly โ€“ Gary
    Hi Gary,
    If you are not fit enough to do basic bodyweight exercises you should not be hitting the gym hard for muscle growth yet.
    You need to build your fitness first before you hit the weights which can be a tough ask especially if the motivation is difficult to come by which it sounds like it is.
    I would start with your diet to begin with and combine that with light cardio exercise such as walking and jogging as well as bodyweight exercises such as pu8sh ups and sit ups. Eat less sugar and more protein but do not go eating big like i suggest on this site until you get into bodybuilding proper.
    I suggest keep a diary of your exercise as well and try to beat each record each week. It is motivating when you see that you can do a few more push ups or a few more minutes at a jog.
    Remember if you are out of shape you will not snap back fast especially after 40 – it will take some time but it can happen if you put your mind to it.
    I know that explanation is nothing miraculous but I think the most important thing is to start slow and be steady and incremental in your fitness. You will eventually reach a point where you can accelerate your progress much faster but you need the base fitness.
    Perhaps think about joining a fitness forum and see if you can find some social support there and further general fitness infomration as this site is not built to handle long discussions … this is quite a good one:
    I hope that helps – good luck Gary, you can do it ok!

  118. Hey James,
    I have been lifting weights for little over a year now and i have noticed a decent amount of muscle gain but not alot of weight put on?.. It sounds weird but i do look alot more muscular though still no major weight gains.. Any reasoning behind this or am i just thinking im gaining more muscle than i really am?

  119. @Jake
    Hi Jake,
    Might be two things.
    1. You have lost fat and gained muscle evening out the weight overall but getting stronger overall.
    2. You are toning up a lot revealing the muscles more but nto putting on more mass. This is easy for skinny guys to do as we eat away all fat and put on small amounts of muscle so you can see the msucles but they are not growing to your satisfaction.

  120. Hi James,

    Well, for starters i have ADHD, and take tablets for this, i dont know if this will affect my body growth but im pretty sure it does, so im going to have a word with my mum about being taken of of these, as i want to join the army, but have to be clear of tablets for a few years, thing is im 17, not had many girl expierences, and am very skinny with a high metabolism, its not bothered me until now, i want to change my life around from being a lazy sod to a ripped bloke, obviously thats going to take time, but its something i want to do, not only to impress girls, but to have some pride in myself and to be ready for the army, i am physically fit, i cycle around 4 hours a week and play football for my local team with a 2 hour a week training session, thing is, i want some muscle, and some abs, without being to big, as i am very quick i dont want my speed to decrease very much, i just want a body that looks good
    Any help you could give me would be amazing!

  121. @Lee
    Hi Lee,

    I do not think that ADHD drugs directly hurt bodybuilding efforts, but they can cause loss of appetite and can adversely effect your sleep patterns which is going to make gaining muscle difficult. Also keeping the motivation up when you are zonked on those drugs might be difficult.
    That being said I have heard that bodybuilding exercises and the diet that goes with it can actually stimulate the parts of the brain that the drugs do as well. This means bodybuilding might be an excellent way to neutralise your ADHD or at least blunt it to some degree naturally. This is not proven, but seems to hold some merit.
    As for what you need to do. Rather than restate what has been said before – read through the skinny to muscle articles here on the site here and you will get a pretty good idea of where to start ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. hi james..i just started reading vince del monte 2 weeks ago and followed his randy 30 years old 5’5 in height but used to weigh only 53 kilos. after 2 weeks i now weigh 57. i think i am proud of my accomplishment so far. however, my questions are:
    1. is it just ok to work out twice a week since my job is in a remote place where no gym equipment is around and i come home only during weekends where i do my workout.
    2. is it ok just to do 2 sets for every muscle group. the first set is for warm up( lifting the last weight i lifted) and for the second set is lifting new heavy weights?
    3. in what week or month will i start to notice that i am reaching the plateau or little gain in weight?

  123. @randy
    Hi Randy,
    You can do twice a week but make sure those session REALLY count. Work your whole body each time and make it a good intense workout so that the next few days will give your body rest and repair time.
    I would do 3 sets or even 4 if you do not feel you have pushed yourself far enough by 3.
    The plateau does hit sometimes but it is impossible to say when. In any case the only way to defeat it is to continue progressive overload. Make sure to keep adding more weight once it gets too easy and if you are still not gaining weight try adding more calories to your diet.
    Glad to see that Vince’s guide has been helping man keep up the good work!

  124. Hey hi James ๐Ÿ˜€
    Here are my complete workout details;

    -one muscle per day per hour (Bicep, triceps, chest, back and shoulders)
    -5days a week
    -normal weights while doing workouts
    -Breakfast includes omelette and banana shake
    -lunch includes rice with some meat or potato
    -dinner includes very little intake like boiled egg etc.
    -Age 21 weight 50Kg
    -I have been working out for 1 years with some pauses because of Exams but haven’t gain even one Kg yet.
    -Just what I have achieved till now is cutting all around my body but no weights ๐Ÿ™

    Any suggestions or improvement which I have to make for future. Please reply asap :s

  125. @Khalilaziz
    Hi Khalilaziz,

    Stop doing a single muscle group a day. You are overusing that muscle and are not doing it any favours. Once you strain a muscle enough it is ready to grow. Continuing to lift on a tired muscle group may just cause injury.

    Focus on a whole body workout not just a single muscle. Also 5 days a week is too much if you are doing all body workouts. 3-4 max is what you need because the body needs time to recover and repair the muscles between workouts. If you do not recovery your muscle will not get a chance to grow.

    Split your meals up into 5 meals a day not 3 also and make sure you eat big (as long as you exercise with high intensity).

    Lastly make sure to lift heavy weights. You need to work on power and strength not lots of reps which is endurance. Lighter weights will define your muscles but will not increase mass.

  126. Hey James,

    I am just a 15 year old high school football player looking to gain more muscle mass and get bigger the right way. I am constantly active everyday, and my diet and eating habits are not a problem as I consume sufficient amounts of protiens carbs and calories each day. I dont seem to have a shred of fat on me, and am pretty defined muscle wise. My problem is that I seem to have hit a wall, I am 6’2″ and weigh 160. No matter how hard I work I can’t seem to gain anymore weight and muscle mass. I was wondering if you have any tips on helping me not only gain muscle, and not reduce my speed, but also if you knew of any particular workouts that helped to increase your speed and endurance, as well as build a solid frame upper and lower body.

    Your response is greatly apprieciated.

  127. @Wesley
    Hi Wesley,
    As you gain weight you will requite more food to maintain that weight and also more on top of that to build more. While you seem confident you are eating enough just be aware that can be a wall that skinny guys hit.
    More likely it is your workouts, but I have not got much info from you on that. The important thing is to continue with progressive overload so you are always challenging yourself and your muscles every session. If you are not getting stronger you will not get more mass basically.
    As for keeping good speed and building muscle, I would suggest strength workouts using interval training. It will improve your burst power and help you build muscle.
    Endurance is a different sort of training though. Endurance is about staying power and you need to train a different set of muscle fibres than when you are training for mass and strength. I would suggest you work on bulking up first then switch to endurance training – trying to mix them all together gives a loss of focus.

  128. hey guys,
    i am 5feet 6 inches tall and i weight only 50 kgs. U can imagine only how much skinny i am. i have a very much normal diet and i go for rowing but my weight neither increases nor it decreases. i want to take my weight above 70kg can u please suggest me how to do that. I am a pure non-veg and i dont take any vegetables not even once in a week. do u think it has something to do with my weight problem shall i change my diet or my workout? Please suggest me a solution
    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. @Avilash
    Hi Avilash,

    Having no vegetables in your diet is not a good thing. I do not think it is the main reason that you are not gaining weight though. I would recommend that you eat more vegetables for your health but the amount that you eat and how you workout will be more important.

  130. HEY James. First of all good site man..!!
    I’m 19 Yrs Old, 5’9” and only 50kgs. I am a strict vegetarian that tells the story.. I am skinny.. is there an workout for me please help me man…
    thanks a lot.. cheers

  131. HI James

    Can you tell me wether a person suffering from Vericose veins (vericocele) can hit gym or not? if not then what are the ways of gaining muscle weight. I am suffefing from a strange problem if i eat more my lower body is becoming fat.i want to improve my upper body strength for that what i have to do and what diet would be suitable for height is 5’8″ and weight is 62kg. age 25

    thanks in advance

  132. Hi James I’m on an extremely low carb diet and am finding it hard to put on ,uncle is it essential to have carbs to build muscle and if so when is the best and worst time to use them ?
    Cheers Fras

  133. Hi james,

    my age is 25,height5’7″.weight 61kg.what should be my workout and diet plan to get upper body growth. If i eat heavily my lower part of body is getting fat but not upper.My biceps are too small how can i help them. i am able to put on weight easily but not getting musclular body. please help me

    thanks and regards

  134. @Dhruval
    Hey Man,

    You can get muscular as a vegetarian but it requires a lot more food discipline. I am not an expert on vegan or vegetarian bodybuilding but the same core rules apply.

    1. Eat a lot of food and pick foods that are calorie dense to give you mroe energy. Lots of vegetables and fruits do not have enough calories so you need to be picky with what you eat.

    2. You need lots of protein. There are some good vegetarian foods that will give you this such as mushrooms, quinoa and whole grains, tofu, nuts and seeds, and more.

    You need energy and protein to grow muscles and a lot of it if your metabolism is very high basically. Apart form that you need to follow the same workout rules as any other skinny guy. Good luck!

  135. @Fraser
    Hi Fraser,

    I do not like low carb diets myself. They create an artificial weight loss and if you are already skinny I am not sure on the point of it.
    Carbs are not terrible for you as some people think. When you are bodybuilding you want to eat a range of foods and will have to put up with a little extra fat for the gains of muscle which require additional fats in your diet to grow.
    If you are insistent on staying with this sort of diet I would recommend that you eat carbs with high fibre content like many vegetables and whole grains. Eat less carbs on days you do not exercise, and eat more carbs after you exercise.
    Hope that helps.

  136. @jabbar
    Hey man,

    Some people call that ‘skinny fat’ syndrome. To grow your upper body you need to do a range of different exercises that target the biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and the back as well. Vary the types of exercises that target these muscles groups each workout and get REALLY intense in your workouts. You should come out sweating and possibly even aching a bit (muscular ache not joints though!).
    Keep your food intake up, but if you gain fat easily do not go overboard on it. Extra muscle that is gained up there will help the body burn the fat lower down – but extra muscle will even out your body anyway.

  137. Hey i just want to say thanks vince for the support….. im kidding haha so james what should i do. I have just purchased the program, i am 15, weigh 138 pounds and am extremely skinny and low in power. I am starting the program next week do you suggest i do the stretch program first? Also i want to gain muscle mass to get bigger for my next rugby season so i have 15 weeks to spare what meal plan should i start with ? the 2000 the 4000 ? thanks

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