Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys Without Supplements?

supplements for skinny bodybuildingIf there is one industry that benefits from the fears, dreams, & ignorance of skinny guys daring to get a bigger, buffer body it has to be the supplements industry. When you see nearly any advertisement about bodybuilding you will see it is linked to some sort of magic powder that seems to be promising hard abs, huge chests, big guns, and of course women drooling over you. It is the dream – the body that women love, that gives you self confidence, and that other men respect. However do bodybuilding supplements REALLY help you get all this stuff? Can you do bodybuilding for skinny guys without supplements or is that way a dead end?

What Are Bodybuilding Supplements

A supplements, by its definition is something that supplements what you already have. It is a supporting product to enhance what you already have, or might be deficient in. However the broad stroke of the idea of supplements can be very confusing for some. Some guys will rate steroids in supplements – a heap of other things that are well beyond any sort of natural muscle building techniques.

The most popular supplements for bodybuilders are items such as Creatine, Whey Protein, multi-vitamins, Branch-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), Glutamine, and others. Each of these cant help a bodybuilding enhance their mass, strength, or general bodily health for greater gains.

So Are Bodybuilding Supplements Bad?

Now, you might be thinking that I have something against supplements at this stage from the tone of my writing. This is not true, I have something against misinformation and misapplication of bodybuilding supplements – not the supplements himself. Because there is so much money to be made by supplement companies, there is a huge amount of competition in this industry. As such, the advertising becomes more suggestive, more open to exploit eager young men (and women) to use the products believing that it will help them without understanding what they actually do. There is also a time and place for supplements that might be different from person to person.

The most important thing for a skinny guy wanting to start on bodybuilding is to understand exactly what these supplements do. So you can make an informed decision on if, and when you might want to use them. So no – supplements for bodybuilding are not bad for skinny guys.

Skinny Bodybuilding Without Supplements

bosybuilding without supplements I believe that most skinny guys when they are starting out on their bodybuilding journey do not need supplements (well maybe one – I will explain in a moment). When you are just starting to get bigger muscles on your skinny frame there are many things you have to keep in mind: your lifting techniques, your diet, rest and recovery, your program, time management, motivation, and so on. It is not easy – it is a steep learning curve to see those initial results which is the doom of many skinny guys who start and give up. However, all these things are MUCH more important than any supplements. If you do not have ALL of these things done right FIRST, any supplements you purchase will be money thrown down the drain. A depressing through for your muscle building and your hip pocket.

The most important thing when getting started, and even in the first few months, is to perfect all the basics of skinny to muscle bodybuilding. You will make a huge amount of muscle gain if you do all these things right without needing a single supplement. If you are curious the things I believe to be most important are:

  • Motivation – Nothing can stand in the way of a guy with the drive and motivation to succeed. No supplements can give you moti9vation – that’s something YOU have to cultivate yourself!
  • Diet – This is where you get nearly all the stuff that supplements will give you anyway. A good muscle building diet will give you nearly everything you need to make good gains.
  • Workout Technique – If you don’t lift correctly you will not get any gains. Skinny guys especially need to do everything as perfectly as possible as your genetics are going to fight you all the way. Good lifting technique, a good understanding of how to structure your workout and so forth.
  • Rest and Recovery – Getting enough rest to recover form good workouts is vital. Supplements cannot give you time and rest for the body to build muscles – that is all up to YOU.

When Are Supplements Useful For Skinny Guys?

when to use suppleemnts for skinny muscle buildingThe answer, probably after you are not so skinny to be honest. A good diet and bodybuilding routine will get you some amazing gains you will be proud of. however, there does come a point where you can plateau, or when you might want to speed up your bulking a little bit more. This is where supplements can come in handy, though I believe only a few are really worth it. Once you get to a point where you need so much nutritional content and you are already eating a huge amount some additional help from supplements will give you a slight edge basically.

My advice is to ignore supplements until you are seeing and feeling the gains through natural bodybuilding means. Then you will have the experience to make a real judgement on how much supplements might help you continue to grow and get the body of your dreams.

So I mentioned that one supplement that I do believe anyone should use. It is nothing fancy, and most would hardly see it a a bodybuilding supplements – however a multivitamin is an excellent thing to take. Your body is an amazingly complex system that needs a huge range of nutrients and minerals to keep it functioning well. Your diet and lifestyle will help you get most of these but you can sometimes be missing a few things that could help you feel a heck of a lot better in your body, which will aid any body functions including your muscle building ones.

Other supplements I would suggest once you decide if supps are for you would be Creatine and Whey protein. With these three you should be doing pretty well and speed up your muscle growth with your great diet and workout techniques.

Supplement Links
If you are at the stage you are considering supplements here are some of the best I recommend.

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