Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding

Are You Skinny & Struggling to Build Bigger Muscles?

If So, Here Is Something That Might Help.

Hey, glad you made it to my site because I think I know just how you might be feeling. My name is James McLain and I was once really skinny and I hated it too. It sucked! It drained my self confidence and made me feel like I was inferior to other guys not to mention making dating hell as I thought being skinny with no muscles was what was holding me back. (it wasn’t but looking good certainly helps!)

If you are like I was, then you probably have tried and failed to build some extra muscle and are just not sure what the hell is going on! I finally figured it out after a lot of trial and error but I think that you can manage to build muscle without going through all the pain and hardship I struggled through.

Vince Now
Vince Before

This is why I want to introduce you to Vince Delmonte. Vince is pretty interesting guy, he is (was?) a classic ectomorph body type like you and me. Skinny, small and with a high metabolism. Not now though, he is a professional bodybuilder and a fitness coach with a degree in kinesiology. (This is basically the science of human movement including a lot on muscles)

I really like his style and what he has to say about bodybuilding which is so much different to the usual crap you get from the muscle magazines and supplement pushers. You don’t need all that extra garbage if you know how your body works with the right plans, routines and dietary changes … for your body type! Being a hardgainer is optional, not mandatory and Vince knows this and knows how you can turn your thinking around on the issue as well.

He really knows what he is talking about which is why I advertising his No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program on this site as I wanted to let you know about this amazing, groundbreaking guide. Not because I like lining his pockets, but because it might just help you get over the hurdles of being a skinny guy while building muscle. He knows where you are coming from which I find refreshing – so it is probably worth taking a look and making that decision for yourself – I guarantee you will not regret it.

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311 thoughts on “Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding”

  1. Umm, i am 14 years old currently going to high school. I am so skinny. Every time a person sees me, they say ‘does your mother feed you’. I weigh 100 pounds which is under wight. I do a lot of excersice and i eat a lot, but i dont see any improvements. I do pushups, situps, chin ups, i cant go to the gym or buy supplements. I drink Ensure every 2 days and it doesn’t work. My arms are like twigs, and l heard that lifting weights will make me shorter. What can i do at home to put on some weight?

  2. Hey vick,

    Ok so im 15 height: 5’6″ like last month i was 100 lbs. but now im at 111 lbs, and first of All i wantted to know if its a good improvement?
    Ive always been told im skinny of course lol but im getting motivated its all bout patience,effort, and nutrition. In about 4 months back to this site i will write back my transformation if it happens.
    Ive been working out every other day but rarely skip sessions i do heavylifting, i do a lot of upper body and legs and i was wondering if i should be doing core workout for abs? Yes,no?
    I really want to make a change in my life..

  3. @quinn
    Hey Quinn,

    I always recommend you do the stretch program first more for safety than anything else. Once you get your body flexible and fit enough for the big weights you will have less chance of damaging yourself lifting.

    As for the food, this is hard to know til you measure what you already eat now. Best to calculate about how much you eat now then go for ther plan that is a bit more than that – if you are not gaining weight and are feeling like you are lacking energy then bump it up a bit basically.

    Get a list of approximate calories in each type of food then measure out how much you would eat on average and go from there … gotta do some maths to gain muscle hah!

  4. @Jason
    Hey Jason,

    Lifting weights will not make you shorter – hell it will probably release more growth hormone for your body to grow faster. The only danger as far as I know is if you lift way too much – too heavy – too often, and with very bad form. This can cause pressure on the bones which can have some effect. Just do not overdo it basically – you are 14 do not obsess ok! Your body is going through heaps of hormonal changes, just stay healthy and fit without going overboard ok.

    However if you want to build the muscles a bit you will need to use some weights to challenge the muscles more than your own body weight does basically – keep that in mind, I remember my cousin use to lift bricks at home for makeshift dumbbells!

  5. @Ssupp
    Hey man,

    Do not know who Vick is but that’s ok πŸ˜›

    I do want to say – do not neglect your core. A weak core gives you poor form for lifting so might lead to injuries and less efficient training. Makes sure you do some core exercises often ok man – that and you can get some nice abs and a stronger look from it too.

    Feel free to post your progress though that’s awesome ok!

  6. Sorry james haha i dont knoww where i got vick
    Im not really flexible at all can you send me a streching program link?
    Ill post my progress in the next 3-4 months πŸ˜€

  7. hello james,

    i wanna thanks you for emailing me some good suggestions for body building,after i subscribed. now i wanna talk about me im tall 5’11 ,weight 68 kg,im doing workout since 6 months .first 3 months were waste coz i was not having good knowledge about body building.but the advises given by you were effective .now i have some muscles on my chest ,biceps ,sholders but im not satisfied with them .though my friends give me compliments for my mass gain but i want to look even much bigger.guides such as insane muscle guide was also helpful . now i try to take small meals after every 2 hours .i know some correct forms of doing workout exercises which i think is gonna help me. by the way i wanna tell you that i have never gone to gym but i have weights in my home .i do 60 pushups ,20 situps,flat bench press 20kg 20 reps twice,then 14 kg,then 8 kg,then i do it with dumbells 6 kg each and also two more chest workout exercises ,alternate dumbells,hammer curls ,barbell,shoulder press ,upright rows and some tricep takes 1 hour for whole workout. i also take protien powder with this plan enough to getting could i improve it .plese suggest me some good ideas .

  8. @ankit
    Hey Ankit,

    Good to hear you are getting some gains man. If what you are doing is working that is great and it sounds like you have got your eating and intensity of workouts in order.

    My only concern is that you are going to plateau just using what you have at home. After a time you will become strong enough your current weights and activities will no longer stress your muscles enough to force them to grow.

    You will need to invest in more weights for your home or join a gym in the future so you can continue to increase the weights you are working with … more reps will not help!

  9. Hey James, I’m 22 yrs old 11stone and can bench 55kg but as the rest im a skinny guy (hardgainer) i have a preferably good diet.
    I dont have much time to excersize but would like to do as much as i can to bulk up in the short spare time i have through my days as i have two small kids as they can be quite a handfull at times.
    I dont use a gym or own weights.
    What tips could you give me to bulk up just now till i can purchase my own weights ?
    Looking to work mostly on my top half.


  10. @Kyle
    Hey Kyle,

    As a beginner you can use bodyweight exercises and makeshift weights to get some quick gains. You might need to eat some more to make sure you get the gains after an exercise session though.

    You will find though that once bodyweight exercises become too easy you will not see any more gains as your body has become used to this weight and will need to be pushed further weight wise (not number of reps) to continue the growing process.

    Focus on push ups, pull ups, dips, and squats are good too if you have something you can use for weights. With push ups, try different arm placements as well, the narrower the gap the more you work the triceps for instance, the wider you go the more you work the chest musles.

  11. Hey james, man i am lost big time. Last year, i was pretty chunky at 190lb and i was 6’0 tall. I went through anorexia from hating my body so much and lost insane amounts of weight working out cardio AT LEAST 2 hours a day and dropped down to 135lbs. I got scared i was getting to thin so i started eating again and lowering my cardio workouts. I am currently at 146lbs but still have fat covering my pecs and have some covering my abdominals but not too much. I am still very thin and can see the outline of my abs but i have basically no muscle. Should i try and lose the little bit of fat covering my abs? or start weight lifting and the fat over my pecs is really embarrasing, any help will be useful, thanks in advance man. Great forum

  12. Hey James,

    I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job on this site! Considering how far back these comments go, I can see that you’ve helped quite a few people. πŸ™‚

    I am sure that the answer I’m looking for has probably already been answered somewhere above but I don’t think I have the patience to look through them all.

    I am a 17 years old, 135 pounds and about 5′ 9″. I have been trying to gain weight for quite a while. I’m pretty sure that the main obstacle hindering my gains are my eating habits. From what I know, I should be taking about 1.5 – 2 times my current caloric intake but I don’t seem to have the appetite. Being a student in grade 12, I have an issue with time management and can never seem to fit more than 3 meals a day. I often don’t even reach 3 at times! What would be the best foods to have that are high in calories (and of the appropriate macronutrient) to have?

    I also often find myself unable to stick to a consistent workout routine. I end up going in sprees of maybe 3 workouts during one week and then taking a week break and then continuing with a similar pattern. What would be a great way to stay motivated?

    Thanks a ton in advance!

  13. @Anonnnneghhzz
    Hey man,

    Sorry to hear of your anorexia, body image problems are not fun at all. If I have one bit of advice for you it is not to worry so much about what your body looks like. If you work out to get stronger your body will naturally shape the way it is designed to. Do not worry about your abs, your arms, your pecs and all that – work your whole body and work to get stronger.

    Increased muscle will burn off fat and make your body look more appealign anyway. Strength first, and your body will look better for it.

    So that being said – do an all body workout each time and you will get th body you deserve ok man.

  14. @Tabby
    Thanks for the kudos man, I never meant the site to be so interactive but if people keep looking for help I will keep on trying to get back to you all πŸ™‚

    Motivation and time management do sound like your two biggest enemies. Everyone motivates in different ways though, you just need something that works for you. What you need to do is set some goals each week and stick to them – Write them down, put them in huge bold letters all over your room if you need too. Keep to these short term goals even if you really do not feel like it and you will feel more motivated just by sticking with it.

    The other thing that motivates me is success. Nothing breeds more success like initial success. Being able to see some gains and feeling proud of that and wanting to build on it is really important.

    I also keep a gym diary where I note down my workouts and how much weights and how many reps and all that. This is so that I can make sure I am adding enough weight each time to give myself progressive overlaod, amkes sure the muscle keep growing. This might not be a bad idea for you too.

    In the end though you need to WANT to gain a better body. That is want in capitals because it has got to come from a real hunger for change. If this is something you only commit to half heartedyl then you may as well not bother – decide now if this is really something you WANT.

    As for food, here are some good calorie DENSE foods that will contain a lot of energy but do not take up too much space.

    Good Fats: avocado, coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, walnuts

    Meats: Salmon, grass fed beef, tuna, lean ground Turkey, chicken, pork

    Complex Carbs: oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, some weat products

    Simple carbs: banana, apple, all berries, dried fruit, honey, but not fruit huice – too much sugar.

  15. One of the best routines I have ever used is lifting weight with a 5 second cadence (5 seconds up and 5 seconds down on the rep). This removes any momentum from the exercise and truly works the muscle.

    One push exercise (such as bench press)
    One pull exercise (such as lat pull down)
    One leg exercise (such as leg press)

    The key which really helped me was just doing one set but taking ‘failure’ to an extreme on the final reps still try and move the weight, millimetre by millimetre for 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down. This is where you really do the work which builds the muscle – not in a second or third set.

    Eat lean protein (chicken, fish, eggs and loads of veggies) like its your job (even when you’re not feeling hungry) and rest for a minimum of two days in between workouts. Most programs don’t allow enough recovery time which is why people get stronger, not bigger.

    I guarantee you will put on muscle weight- however skinny using this method.


  16. had the same porblem when u I loined the Air Force. i was 185 pounds and im 6, 4… tall and skinny. I started by eatiing erything I could fing. noy so much on th treats and cndy smf i dur stsyed stawed from baked goods with lots of frosting. judt just eat large healthy meals at least 5 times a day. and another 2 or 3 small meals every day. drink water, drink wate, drink water!!! after you have done this its time to hit the gym. i spend 3-4 days a week running and woking legs after a good run. for uppr pody focuse on onr muscle gtoup at a time. if its chest day go in and do nothing but chest workout’s one full hour of chest seems a lot buy you want to completly destroy those muscles for that day,,, tomorrow do back.and shoulders. thats how i have out on good muscle. as far as abs go. first thing in the morning go for a slow long distance swim or run or both. do it on an empy stomach. you body will use your stomsch fat to burn for energy. if u eat then run your body uses that food as an energy source. leaving you body fat alone. thats hoe u get abs to sho up. when your doing your sets remember when ur getting tired and want to drop the weights… DON’T push pass the pain and do 2 or 3 more. you body will be like what the F%$K then add muscle for the next time.

  17. Hey James,
    I have been working out regularly at home everyday but I haven’t been gaining noticable mass. I have been intaking weight gainers regularly [esp. mass tech and GNC 2200]. I have been gaining like 20 pounds but no real gain in mass. Its frustrating how i get stares from people because I’m really skinny and this happens especially at the gym.
    Any tips or words of advice?

  18. @Shayne
    Hi Shayne,

    How do you mean you have gained weight and not mass? You mean you are putting on fat but not muscle? If so then it is not the amount you are eating – it is how you are working out because your body has no need to increase the muscles if you do not work them the right way to promote muscle growth.

    If you are working out at home I can see a possible problem in that you might not have heavy enough weights – or any weights at all. You need to push your muscles to the limit of weight so the body will adapt with more muscle to accommodate that extra weight you are lifting later on.

    You mention you have gone to the gym, perhaps you are too embarrassed? If so, don’t be man – many of the guys there were much skinnier before, they all know you need to spent time bulking up and you have to start somewhere.

    I used to just put my MP3 player on, ignore everything and everyone and do my routine as to not get distracted in any way and to ignore any idiots that did want to sneer because somehow your skinniness makes them feel better – that is THIER problem not yours man – so screw that. Hit the gym, lift heavy, eat up big and stay with it and you will see results ok!

    All achievment is found by stepping out of your comfort zone.

  19. thank you James. When you advised to increase weight time to time ,that advice was good and really helpfull. But though i’m getting muscle gain but not good cuts. Whats wrong ? I dont go to gym i have adjustable weights . I always try to pushing limits but and do a good workout. Are muscle building machines important . Is it important to go to gym .

  20. oright guys im 18 years old and i weigh 10 and a half stone ive been training for a few years now ive tryed all sorts of training programs and designed some of my own as i am doing my course for a personal trainer im not a fan of protein shakes or weight gainer i dont like using them i dont feel naturlal i eat quite alot of food to try n gain weight but nothing happens i find it really hard to bulk up muscle and i do alot of martial arts so i need alot of endurance aswell if you have any advice for me i would be greatful many thanks

  21. @@nkit
    Hey Ankit,

    Cutting comes later after you build up some more muscle mass. Once you get increased mass you can cut down on your calories to reduce the fat as much as possible to show those muscle more. Do not worry about it – build muscle first.

    You can go a certain way with your own weights. They are totally fine in fact for nearly everything – until you hit a plateau because those weights will not be heavy enough for you. So the prime purpose of a gym is often the range of weights – but also the variety of machines and so forth that allow you to target certain muscles groups is helpful.

    So it is not vital, but I encourage people to join gyms because it means you are not being half assed about the whole process.

  22. @jordan
    Hi Jordan,

    It might be that you are simply not eating enough, or that you are using too much energy with endurance training that leaves nothing left for muscle growth. Without knowing how you workout it is hard to give much more advice – you need to lift heavy, eat a lot, and eat enough to give your body time to recover and grow.

  23. wassup james, my question is about supplements ,there is one called endura mass on which written is ‘gain weight’ but im already 70 kgs . Is it also for body builders,everybody says that these things has side effects *which i dont believe*. Or what is its purpose?are they really helpfull? I also want to ask do building chest and shoulders retard the height growing speed. Please answer

  24. @@nkit
    Hey Ankit,

    Most supplements are not going to do a huge amount for you. You are better working on a proper bodybuilding diet – supplements are mostly snake oil that make hard gainers think they can short cut their way to muscle growth.

    Building muscle does not stop you growing at all. In fact it probably helps you grow with the release of more growth hormones due to your weight lifting (I do not know the science of that but I know there is no evidence linking bodybuilding with less vertical growth).

  25. Hi James, is it possible to get my 6 pack before building muscle mass? How shold I go about doing it. I recall you said that it is recommended to build muscle mass before getting your 6 pack. I’ve already been dieting for quite awhile and I don’t want my effort to go to waste since my abs are already starting to appear.

  26. hey james, my friend is a vegetarian muscle gainer . He doubts that vegefoods are not going to help him much. Is it true? Should he eat nonvegetarian foods?

  27. Hey! I am 16.i am 43 killo. I am very skinny! My legs r normal. But my upper body is damn skinny! Especially my hand is extremly thin! Pls tel me how much calories i have to eat and what type of exersices is gud for my hand and chest!

  28. @billy
    Hi Billy,

    It is not impossible to keep slim and build muscle, but it is almost impossible to plan it properly. It comes down to priorities, do you want to be bigger quickly, or do you want to look ripped quickly, or do you want both and are willing to work through the ups and down to get there in the end.

    No such thing as a quick fix basically. I always suggest to ignore everything else while bulking up and then work on cutting once you are at the muscle mass you want.

  29. @@nkit
    Hey Ankit,

    You ca do vegetarian bodybuilding, but it is certainly harder. You need to make sure you are getting a LOT of protien from various vegetables, and are also eating enough calories which can be hard.

    Their diet plan will have to be VERY well worked out. I am not an expert on vegetarian bodybuilding though.

  30. Hey James!
    I’m a sportman(16 years old) I’ only 177cm tall and I weight 62 kilos- Seems pretty usual, huh?
    I’m kinda stronger than most of guys, but I’m very skinny.
    I know that I must eat ver much, I’m doing it but I wanted to ask few questions…
    Do I have to eat after training?
    What do I have to eat?
    Is it good to drink protein drinks?
    What exercises I have to do at home or after training?
    What else do you recommend?
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  31. @Sander Virki
    Hi Sander,
    1. Yes, you need to eat after training, best within an hour of a workout in fact.
    2. Something high in protein is best as you body need energy to grow as well as the right nutrients. Avocado, salmon, tuna, eggs are all good but there is plenty of scope for other foods.
    3. Protein drinks can help, but I personally believe you do not need them if you have the right mix of foods.
    4. A good stretching session helps after training – but apart form that take a rest and give the body time to recover, repair and grow.
    5. Read the rest of my article on the site for more information – and if you really want an almost unfair advantage check out The No-Nonsense Muscle Building Guide for a step by step program.

  32. Dear James
    Can I do daily workout but of different parts like,
    day one – Chest
    day two – Bi & Triceps
    day three-Shoulders & Thigh

    Do you recommend above mentioned schedule as I’m doing so. Looking for your kind reply

  33. Hey James, I have been working out for about two months and don’t seem to be building muscle, I have been taking protine shake wich has heaps of carbs in! I have been increasing w8ts but still my size seems to be the same? What do I do?

  34. Danny :
    Hey dude, sorry dont know your name.
    Im really short for a grade 7, 85 pounds. My family thinks its because I dont eat enough and I dont drink enough milk. The milk part I believe, but I dont want to be fat. My family makes me eat alot. What do I do?? I know exercise and eat healthy, but what else helps? I just want to grow taller.

  35. Another update James, my family is making me drink 1 litre of milk a day. Now what?? I can already imagine myself as a fat guy if you dont help me…my stomach feels like its gonna blow up.

  36. @Harry
    A lot of people do different body parts per session but I do not believe in it. I personally prefer to work my whole body each session.

    I might not train every muscle group, no time for that, but I try to do work muscles of about 80% of my body if that makes sense.

    One reason is that the more muscle groups you work (especially at the same time – try to avoid isolation exercises) the more growth hormone and testosterone in released, or so I have been led to believe.

    However plenty of people make gains using the method you state too. Try both and see how you feel and which seems to work better for you.

  37. @Danny
    Work Out hard and give all that energy in yoru body soemthing to do – to grow muscle.

    Food powers the body and then either gets stored as fat if you have nothing left to do – or if you have stressed the muscles it can go to building them as well.

    Workout hard and if you are getting too many calories learn to say no. Or request low fat milk or something.

  38. Thanks brother I will check it out! I eat a shit load of food and I have a shake that gives you all your daily needs if not more, just cant put on anything at all feel stronger just don’t look it! After 2months should I see any changes or not? An working hard with little results.

  39. Hi James like all these other skinny guys i’m having trouble gaining muscle mass I have been trying to get stronger for over a year now by doing 20 push and 40 sit ups but my body doesn’t want to get any stronger I don’t know I was wondering if u can help me I’m in desperate need of help any advice would be helpful? Also could u tell what could eat to get more energy I would really appreciative it

  40. Happy New Years James!
    I happened to stumble across your website on my free time and I really need help with building some size on my arms. I am 16 years old, 119 lbs, 5’6″. All of my friends at school are built way more than I am and I am really tired of being skinny. I am currently taking medications for my ADHD and my doctor told me that this medication can somewhat create a loss in appetite… Is that a problem because I can clearly notice I eat more when Im off it but I need it to function throughout the day. I can consider myself someone who has the motivation to be athletic as I can outsprint my peers and I play baseball along with lacrosse. I just never get the chance to et a workout in because of school and my job. When I do workout, I do simple workouts with heavier weights, lower reps. But man, nothing happens. I do understand that it does take time and you don’t need to put stress on your muscles all the time, but why is nothing happening? Could you give me professional tips on actually seeing results? As I said before my arms are my main concern because they are the weirdest things ever and I am really embaressed.

    I would highly appreciate it if you could give me some useful and beneficial tips for my problem! (:

  41. ‘Progress
    beginning at age 15 weight 100 pounds height 5″6 started in september i believe benching at 95 pounds max
    now in january 10, age 15 weight 117 height 5″6 benching at 135 pounda
    by the end of the month hope for weight at 120+ pounds and 145 pound bench press max
    i workout my lower body and abs one day then the next day my back and upper body so each day is a workout but different muscles is that okay? im also drinking protein shakes after an upper body workout.
    now that i workout i feel more alive more energitic more confident i dont feel so insecure about my body. This is only the beginning… i never regret starting it gets fun should i say after you see results(which wont be right away)because then you push yourself to do more to see more results.

    Thank you James for the advice it has helped plentiful!
    this is my progress and thoughts and feelings of getting skinny to muscle.

  42. @jacob
    Hi Jacob,
    You need to continually challenge your muscle more and more or they become used to the current weights you are giving them. Your own body weight is not longer a challenge so the muscles do not get broken down and healed with extra muscle and strength to compensate.
    You need to lift heavier weights man and really push yourself.
    As for food and energy, you will need lots of food, food high in calories and in protein. You should also be eating 4-5 times a day not the regular 3 – this way you are keeping your body fuelled for muscle growth 24/7 (well, nearly)

  43. @ssupp
    Hey man,
    Awesome work! Sounds like you are doing well and you are totally right – it is fun once you see the improvements and really motivates you to keep on going.
    Keep on going and keep us updated, your efforts might inspire some other guys just starting so good work!

  44. Hi I’m Janel , & I Am A 14 Year Old Girl Who Is Also Tryinh Her Best To Gain Weight But I Don’t Know What To Do Or How To Do It ? Umm .. I’m Only 110 Lbs . & my Height It 5’7″ & I Eat A LOT But My Problem Is That I Have A High Motabelism Too ( How Ever You Spell That :p ) . How Can I Get Help ?

  45. @Janel
    Hi Janel,
    The body is a very complex system but there are a few simple things. The more you eat, the more your body has energy to use for something be it building muscle, or adding to fat. If you eat a regular 3 meals a day and you are really skinny then you need to eat more – but just eating more might just add fat so you also need to make sure you are getting some exercise that helps stress the muscles … bodyweight exercises are a good start to this for you (such as push ups) I think but you need to be consistent and eat more than you do – but spread it out over 4-5 meals not 3. Ask your family to help perhaps as I know this can be hard as a teenager.

  46. Hi James, I really need some help, Im 20 6ft 1 and only 9 stone exactly, which is as you know, really too skinny, just wanted to let you know that from this day onwards, Im going to try harder and be more consistent with my food intake and my workouts, and It’s all down to your site! I will keep you regularly updated on how Im getting on! Thanks a lot for your time for this site! Let’s do this people! Consistency is surely one of the biggest factors here James? Thankyou

  47. Hey James here is the situation 6′ 3 164 wanna b 6’4 220 ( size of Dwayne Johnson and vin diesel though vin is 5′ 10 and its my new years resolution is five pounds of muscle a month possible and i can eat 5 lbs of chicken in a sitting and gain no muscle or fat ive been 164 for three years despite numerous wworkout plans supplements eating more starving some ive tried everything u tell me to behead a chicken and dance around a goat on a full moon I would any suggestion on the eating and trouble changing

  48. @BdOd
    Hey man,
    I wouldn’t worry exactly how much mass you are gaining every month as everyone is going to gain at slightly different rates.
    Instead concentrate on strength gain. Making sure you are lifting more in term of weights and reps each session. These are the gains that are more easily measurable than weight and will prove you are getting stronger.
    If you combine that with a proper bodybuilding diet then you will see the gains you want and might even exceed your expectations!

  49. Hey james i am 14 currently 175 cm tall and 68kg i have low bodyfat can i ask should i start doing rippitoes starting strength would it be too heavy for a kid like me also bench press doesnt seem like a natural movement instead should i do weighted pushups also i had some great weight gains in the past i gained 20 pounds in about 20 weeks half was probably from height cuz i grew like 5 cm

  50. @Atanas
    Hey man,
    Eventually you are going to need to diversify your workouts or you will hit a limit.
    However the most important thing is to keep adding weight to your workouts to keep increasing difficult. This is what your muscles will respond to most.

  51. hello james

    thanks for all the knowledge you have given. you are so full of knowledge and now i am also becoming like an intelligent muscle gainer. i remember the first time i browsed your website months ago ,since then im progressing day by day. according to me there are three thing to focus for muscle gain 1.good technique workout 2.recovery 3.(most important) nutrition . hey all skinny guys try to have 5 to 6 small meals per day and you will get progress from first week. And now my question to you is – i am going to have exams in month of march i will have to study very much i fear that i will lose muscle if i dont focus much on workouts and nutrition .if i will manage to have meals but dont workout then will there be lose of muscle to my body? sometimes i could be able to manage to do 50-60 pushups .is that enough for one month? coz i know that i will then join a gym (as u know that i workout at home). please give me suggetions . my next question is that i am getting belly fat ,is that due to high calories? and my another question is that i have heard people saying that exercising and gymming regularly makes the brain dumb. is it okay for a student to workout or it effects brain?
    waiting for the reply
    thank you

  52. @ankit
    Hi Ankit,
    A short break from bodybuilding will not destroy your work, but a longer break will result in some atrophy of muscles. Make sure to do some workouts just to maintain your routine but you can reduce it for a time – just adjust your caloric intake as well as you don’t need that much energy when studying.
    A bit of fat is to be expected when building muscle, it is best to build muscle and put up with it for a bit then cut it down later once you have achieved a good level of muscle gain. If it is becoming too much it might just be you are eating too much and not having the workout to back it up – or just too much in general.
    Working out does NOT make you dumb! People who obsess over their bodies and put all of their effort just into bodybuilding without feeding their mind – that makes you dumb. You can be strong and look good and have a working brain in your head without any problems at all – your brain is kinda like a muscle too – feed it right and exercise it and it will become more powerful too!

  53. Hi james!
    I exercise a lot during the day about 3 hours.I do 50 minutes cardio,i do abs exercises and i lift 10 kilos weight for 20=25 minutes.I also do push ups.I am 66 klos and i am lean, i have abs but i want to gain weight (go about 71 kilos).My height is 174 centimeters.I cant gain weight because i exercise too much and i eat most of the food 3 hours before sleeping.Should i cut a little exercise?I do it because of fear of getting fat

  54. Hey James,

    Are you using the training method from the ebook ? If so, did it realy helped you to gaing more muscle ?

    thanks for the info and sorry for the bad english

  55. @Nik
    Hi Nik,
    Simple answer is to cut that cardio and concentrate of lifting heavier weights – and targeting as many muscle groups as possible during a workout as well.
    If you can also eat a bit more and in more meals you will feed the body the energy to grow those muscle but you have to have the workout to back it up.

  56. @Glenn
    Hey Glenn,
    I managed to escape the skinny body type before I read Vince’s guide. However while investigating a good product to direct you guys to his was the one that mirrored my thinking the most, and also taught me a few new things that did help me overcome a bit of a plateau I had reached too so I am a big fan of it.

  57. @Jeet
    Hi Jeet,
    Heavy weights forcing you to do less reps because of it. Try lifting 8-12 times max a set before you cannot do another rep. Those sort of weight usually produces good results.

  58. Hi James,

    I’m 23 years old, weigh 177lb and am 6 foot 3. I am pretty thin with a little bit of a beer belly. I’ve just joined the gym but have honestly never been before. I’m a natural athlete and have competed in a lot of sports (long and middle distance running, high jump, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, gaelic football) in the past to quite a high level but have let up on exercise over the last two years or so. I am looking to get a lean body and build up muscle on my arms chest and back. I want it more for aesthetic reasons than anything else. What would you recommend? Are there any kind of diets you would say would be beneficial? I have a very high metobolism and virtually never put on weight no matter how much I eat.
    Thanks for any help you mya have.

  59. Hey Man, whats the reason im getting belly pot (not a big one). Im not skinny . Could vince program help people working out at home ,not having fancy machines ,only adjustable weights . What if i do his program’s workout and not follow meal plan but just try to have 2500-3000 calories with 5 meals and 2 days cardio and 3 days workout per week . Will it help me?

  60. @Mikey C
    Hi Mikey,

    The basics of bodybuilding will always need to be followed. You will need to workout your upper body pretty hard and eat a lot more than you are correctly eating. Do not worry too much about how it looks – just concentrate on getting stronger by being able to lift increasingly heavier weights. This is because everyone body looks a little different as we gain muscle – it is genetic so as long as the pounds are going on it all good.
    For more on what to eat check out my hardgainer eating guide, or check out Vince’s guide which has all that and much more.

  61. @Ankit
    Hi Ankit,
    If you eat too much and do not workout with heavy enough weights then yes its going to go to your belly. You will need to adjust how much you eat. This might curb your muscle growth somewhat though so be warned.
    The basic formula is that your muscle growth is determined by how much energy you have that can be put to muscle growth as long as the muscle is primed FOR growth.
    The less you prime, the less you should eat.

  62. hey james….i hv bone thru your previous comments and advises and i am amazed after finding that fat is not required for making muscles yup i am skinny and my height is 5’3″ wt about 45 kg. I had started working out a month ago doing 50 push ups for a month but it made no significant difference rather my body got stiff. The little fat that i was having got turned into muscles but my problem is that i aint gaining weight. I am a vegetarian by diet and have never gone for any supplement capsules either, i compensate that by drinking a lot of milk everyday. Can you give some advice for gaining weight and making my shoulders broader. left part of my body is somewhat less powerfull than right one especially my shoulders. Is working out 50 to 60 push ups not sufficient……. Thank you in advance .
    I know what you tell will work. :-):-):-).

  63. @chinto from india
    Hey Man,

    You are going to need to branch out form boy weight exercises. Your msucles need to be stressed by heavier and heavier weights to grow. Invest in some weights to push your muscles to thier limits weight wise nto repetition wise.

  64. hey James i was wondering about ab exercises, is it better to workout heavy weights with abs and low reps or no weights and high reps?

    how would the results differ between the two?

  65. Hey james πŸ™‚ I can’t watch that video cos its been removed or something.
    I’m 17 going on 18 and its coming up so summer again,
    I am 6 ft tall and I weigh 154 pounds and I have a really fast
    Metabolism, I’ve previously tried to work my chest at home with
    My body weight, dumbells and at the gym! I find it easy to
    Work my abs though.

    I’m in college, I have a girlfriend, I feel that I need to bulk up
    My body for summer so she doesn’t feel embarased when I take my shirt off haha
    I’m also in a metal band so I’m gonna need the muscle to look the part h:p.

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  66. Hey ,
    If Been going gym for a good 6 months.
    I havnt improved to much in strength and my results are very small,
    I have a ecto body type. And I really do not know what I’m doing wring anymore.
    My first 4 months I relised I wasn’t eating enough,
    But now I’m
    On vitamins and minerals and mass gain and more. I push my self att the gym allot, go 4 times a week.
    I don’t use dumbbells for my exercises that much,
    I tend to use to machines so my qstion is does it matter allot,
    Should I really focus on using dumbels more.
    I seriously don’t know anymore. I’m losing all
    Motivation. Feels like if just wasted 4-6months of dedication.
    I’m 17 and yeah is there any other mistake if might be making,
    I just need better result to keep me going. There are some results but they are tiny,

  67. james! back with in need of assistance. how can i can lose body fat while lifting heavyweights? any way? because i want my veins to pop out. kinda weird i guess but i like the way it looks. pop out of my arms only. if i do high rep exercises to lose body fat then i lose weight and i dont want that so anything i should change to my exercise plans? also ive been not eating as much and losing a bit of weight but i can lift more

  68. @Lifts
    Hey Man,
    I would prefer that you use free weights or machines with cables, not fixed points. This is because you can work your natural range of movement with free weights and cables that allow you to be a bit more flexible. Machines that force you to move the way they want you to move will possibly hurt you, and not help you keep good form for your body.
    Really it will come down to how you workout- you say you workout with high intensity, but are you increasing your weights consistently and working a heavier set of weights? Are you working out with good form so you really target those muscle groups properly? HOW you workout is really vital. Also, if you are eating heaps and no gaining muscle – but also not gaining much fat, then perhaps you ae not actually eating as much as you need also …

  69. Hey James, Im 22 years old , 183 cms tall and weight 165 lbs. I have kinda skinny physique and no matter how much gym i do , my arms never seem to develop as well with my shoulders…any tips regarding diet and exercises u wanna share…also i’d like tips regarding losing that baby fat in the belly

  70. Hey James,
    I’m fifteen, 5’9 and 160 pounds
    I put on weight and muscle really easy.
    I go to the gym almost every day.
    I do 45s on each side for bench, 30s for curls, 40 for tricep extension and squats and leg press for lower body.
    But while I build my muscle, I have a layer of fat on my midsection.
    I wanted to know if you have any tips on getting rid of it.
    (I do oblique twists and sit ups)

  71. @Victor
    Hey Victor,
    Losing fat is more to do with your caloric intake than it has to do with exercise. Even if you hammer your core with exercise and get heaps of muscle there the fat remains if you do not force the body to burn fat via not having enough energy from food.
    If you are happy with your muscle mass, tone down your eating and shift into maintenance lifting for a few weeks with some added cardio, this should start to eat away at your fat as the body puts its energy into muscle maintenance and feeds it from your fat stores.

  72. Hi James, good info on here. thanks.

    I just wanted to ask, can you still build muscle reasonably easily when you are aged 36 like myself? Is 36 too late to start training as such or am i “past it” πŸ™ Im pretty slim, and have been to the gym for 6 months, but that was a year or two ago. I only went to lose a bit of weight and build my cardio up and quite enjoyed it. But as soon as i missed a few days here and there my motivation began to wain, and ended up going from 5-6 daya a week to 4 days, then 2 then none.

    Also, is it necessary to drink those protein shakes in order to get bigger or can i just do it eating reasonably healthy?

    Thanks in advance..


  73. @Mark
    Hey Mark,
    The body does get less efficient as you get older but it will not stop you at 36 at all. You have every chance of getting a more muscular body. The good thing is you will not need to go 5 times a week either. If you workout and eat properly you can go 3-4 times a week max.
    You do not need any additional supplements if you have a healthy diet and eat more than you were before you started weight training (you need more energy to grow muscles)
    If you check out he articles here you will get the basics and I am certain you will see some results in the first few weeks man. IF you want more info check out Vince Delmonte’s guide I link to from my site here – good luck!

  74. I’m 25yrs and I started hitting the gym when I was 21 yrs of age but am not building like the way it’s was souppose to.I understand may be my metabolic rate is very high n I would like todecrease it so what can I do to bring it down.

  75. @Ishmael
    Hi Ishmael,
    This might be something others might disagree with but here goes. You will not slow down your metabolism and nor should you try while bodybuilding. To gain weight you are going to need to eat a lot and exercise a lot. BOTH of these things actually speed up your metabolism! If you don’t exercise or eat as much then you will not gain any weight but your metabolism might slow a little. So basically you are stuck with this metabolism and what you should do is find ways to deal with it not slow it down when bodybuilding.
    Feel free to debate this readers – thats just my view.

  76. Hey james:
    We’ll I’m juan I’m 19 and I’m from TX I really need to work out, I’ve see a lot of guys with muscles and that stuff and for some reason I can’t when I was in high school, I used to be in football and soccer and I am not skinny at all, I have the athletic type but I can’t show muscles cus I don’t have any you know? I’m just normal, my metabolism is weird, I don’t gain or lose weight , I just stay the same and I want muscles you know? 6pack and that’s stuff, right now I’m not going to school but I’m working and I do payments to I can’t afford a gym and don’t have time, so do u have any tips so I can do exercise or do something at home without losing my daily routine? That will help me a lot…..
    Thanks for reading this

  77. @juan
    Hi Juan,
    I do not know if what I am going to say will sound mean, but if you are serious about gaining muscle you need to prioritise that. Not breaking any routine and just hoping a few bits and pieces can get you bigger muscles is probably not going to work.
    Muscle building is a simple blueprint really – it comes down to commitment and genetics for the rest. You will need to lift heavy enough weighs to stress the muscle causing tears which get healed and grow in the process – no weights means very little chance to go beyond your current musculature. You also need to eat more to give the body fuel to grow.
    As you can see this will take some time, commitment and resources – if you are up for it then go for it – if not, the only thing you can do in between a busy schedule is body weight exercises or use makeshift weights – at least diet should not take too much time though.

  78. Hello James,
    I’ve read a good bit of the beginning posts and seems like your doing a great job helping people out and stuff. I’m obviously a skinny guy as well fast metabolism and what not. I’m just now getting a job so I think I could purchase the correct foods I would need to eat. Its mainly protein type foods i need to eat? I honestly just want to have some more strength, energy, and the confidence boost would be nice as well haha. In school even though i was skinny I always had a bunch of energy because of gym but after 9th grade that’s changed. I’m in 12th grade now almost 18. Have a site for a variety of foods I should eat? Also a link to workouts would be nice as well. Thanks a lot man.

  79. Hi James,

    I’ve been working out a lot lately. I work out 6 to 7 times a week and spend almost an hour and a half working out each day, and it is really starting to get in the way of my schoolwork. And I’m not seeing any major improvements either, only slight ones.
    Is there any way I could work out in a lesser time frame and still gain enough muscles to look good? I don’t want to be too big, you know, just to the point where I’ll feel confident with my body. My weight is around the borderline of skinny and average.
    And is there a way to help with my chest muscles? Because my chest muscles seem to be the one that doesn’t have much progress :/ Thanks.

  80. @Xavier
    Hey Man,
    Protein is a key element for building muscle, but so is raw energy from the calories you consume. So both of these need to be high, but done with a variety of healthy foods not junk food.
    If you then hit the gym hard 3 times a week or so (to give the body time to heal and grow between workouts), you will prime the body for building muscle and you will have the right fuel for that.
    That is the basic formula – if you are not gaining, look into your workouts or how much you are eating – those are the parts where most skinny guys fall down somewhere.

  81. @Ian
    Hi Ian,
    Hey man – too much working out!
    Try 3 times a week, but make your session a little longer each time – 45 to an hour perhaps. Your body need time between each workout to heal and grow you see. However you need to make each session count! Each time you need to lift heavy weights and really stress those muscle to prime them for growth.
    Make sure to eat big as well and your body will grow and you will be spending less time at the gym too.
    I have an article on how to build chest muscles also.

  82. Hey james,
    I go to college and work on weekdays which doesnt allow me to eat as much as i would like to but during weekends i go all out; i excersice, do home workouts (situps and pushups) soon as the semester is over i will start hitting the gym as i will like to grow some muscle for the summer time..any suggestion on what home workouts i can perform to build chest muscle..what to eat (will fast food be okay) 18 and i weight about 120 and im 5’5..i was thinking about getting a pull-up bar do you think this will be suitable for my goal..what do you recommend?

  83. @Jonathan
    Hey man,
    Fast food is not a good thing – it might contain a lot of energy but it is devoid of much of he nutrients you need and is usually high GI which will burn away fast and not be used effectively. There are cheap ways you can eat healthy but you will need to spend some time working that out.
    Chin ups are not bad to start as are other body weight exercises, but once they become too easy you will get nowhere without more resistance. Check out my articles on building chest muscles for more info.

  84. hey james,thnx for the information.i am 5’10” i used to be 110 pounds and i gained to 13 pounds in 6 months then 10 pounds in 3 months then to 12 pounds in 12 a days i am hitting gym but can’t gain any weight.BTW my torso is pretty thin my hands are okay i to overcome this and gain some weight and i really need to widen my torso, shoulders,any suggestions?(i have never done squats or bent over barbell rows,i can do 40 pushups per set and 150 push ups in all)

  85. @kiran
    Hey man,
    You have probably hit a plateau now. Either you are not getting enough calories into your system to grow your muscles – or more likely you are not lifting heavy enough weights. Doing 40 push ups wont help now your body is so used to it. You need more weight to stress the muscle – not more reps.
    Try setting out a new set of exercises and make sure you can only do 6-10 lifts per rep MAX before you give out – really push yourself to the limit. This will spark the muscle growth more than lots of push ups.

  86. Hey,

    I’m extremely skinny at 5’11” and only 120 lbs (I’m 16). Is the answer to gaining muscle mass just eat a lot more? I am a very active person, and have 4 practices a week for my competitive soccer team. I just started working out, about two weeks ago 5 days a week. Do you think I should work out less and give my muscles more time to rest?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my question.

    P.S. I am just working out my upper body, because years of soccer have left my legs fairly strong.

  87. @Andrew
    If you do a lot of soccer you migth be burning away a lot of energy needed for muscle growth. You probably need to eat a lot more … if possible cut down your cardio and focus on strength training even with your soccer.

  88. Hey James
    I’m 16 about 6’3 I eat more than a fat guy in a day!
    And I haven’t recently started eating that much this has been going on for 3years now and I’m still 65kgs. I’m don’t have a problem with self confidence it’s all there but really don’t know what to do anymore….should I try those protein tablets or what?

  89. You might need to look at what you are eating and how you eat. When bodybuilding you should divide your meals into 5 or 6 a day not 3 and you do need a mix of nutrients with an emphasis on protein.

    Even then you need to look at how much because skinny guys often over estimate food intake, I know I did. If you are not gaining fat or muscle you are not eating enough!

  90. what do i eat ? i noe wat to do in the gym , but i just dont know wat to eat ..
    i eat as and when i want (no timing to be exact)
    werking night shift , soo i have diff hours u see.
    btw my gym time is in the morning when i get back from werk ..
    can u please tell me wat to eat and when i should eat ?
    reply is very much appreciated . thank you ..

  91. Hey James.

    I’ve noticed all the advice you have given over the years on this website. It’s obvious you care for these guys and really want to help them acheive their goals. So firstly, I would like to say thankyou. πŸ™‚
    With that being said. I am 18, weighing 158 pounds and 6ft 2inches tall. I am pretty skinny. I have set a goal for myself aswell, I would like to gain 30 pounds in 6 months, I will begin this in a few days. I have studied for weeks about heathy eating for skinny guys, Muscle gaining excercises for skinny guys and so on. Basically I would just wondering if you could tell me the MOST important things I should know in setting out to gain this weight? And any tips that i should know in order to achieve this?
    Thanks, Andrew.

  92. @Andrew
    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks a lot, it is great to know people are taking this advice and really achieving something with it!
    The most important thing … hmmm. OK, listen, the most important thing is not about techniques or food or any of that jazz. You can learn and understand all these things with time and guidance.
    The most important thing is COMMITTMENT! This is the one driving force that unifies all your bodybuilding endeavours into something that actually makes an impact. If you are not committed for the long haul, all the best guidance in the world will not make a difference. This also mean sacrifice, of your money and time and energy – you must be happy to give those away in your journey to a better, healthier body. The rewards are always sweeter.
    But hey, you sound committed, you are doing your homework – next step is to action that and keep on learning and never EVER give up ok!

  93. Hi James,

    For a female body.. What can be an effective way to lift heavier weights? It’s not easy to do that unlike the guys, which is in my case.

    I’m currently 65kg, and trying to aim at least 70kg or a lil above is fine. I eat a lot everyday, the meals are usually 2 mixed rice (rice, meat, vegetables together) sometimes there’s eggs, and I’m getting supper nowadays which is usually milk and sometimes cake, crackers, bread(no white bread)etc. After a workout that’s around 45mins-1 hour I have a whey protein shake with milk. This is the whey protein type I’m drinking ( And I have started out 3 weeks ago this year, this is my 3rd week of exercise which I’m following this routine (

    I workout 3 days a week at my home gym. The minimum weight I can lift will be 2.5kg (please don’t laugh), usually on the arms section (on the parts that involve side lateral, delts and sometimes triceps muscle.) 2 days ago I’m proud that I can do lat pull triceps exercise from the usual 2.5kg I was able to do 5kg each, so that’s a good achievement for me through these few years of off-and-on practice. Now it’s isn’t the same anymore though, my mind’s totally focused on frequent weightlifting. For the rest of the other muscles I can lift up to 3-10kg, legs can be up to 20kg+. My point is, I do realized that I’m eventually able to lift slightly heavier weights on the shoulders, chest, triceps even the biceps. But it takes a long time.

    And as the usual, it’s always to lift heavier weights, eating enough food and enough rest. I’m always successful with the other two except for the heavier weights. It’s like I’m trying to lift one but I’m either stressing too much on my back to make myself lift them or, my arms can’t even lift them, you know that feeling? I wonder whether is that kind of weight too much for my capacity until I’m sometimes still lifting the same weights which I don’t want that anymore. I’ve thought of going to a club gym, maybe it should be better since there’s many different weights but due to the difficulty of transportation I can mostly use my home gym which the weights for barbells and lat pulls have four 5 kgs as the maximum and a couple of 2.5s, and some dumbbells.

    So for me who have limited weights and for a female body, what can be effective for me to lift heavier every week, or every 2 weeks and so on?

  94. Hi Eli,

    The only thing you are missing form this description is how many reps per set you are doing. Trying to decipher what you are saying you seem to imply you are getting better at lifting the lighter weights, which makes me think you are training for endurance not for strength and mass gain.

    Lifting the heavy weights SHOULD be hard. The weights you are lifting to build muscle need to be heavy enough so that after 8-12 reps or so you will not be able to lift any more without a rest.

    This combination of weight and stressing your muscles to the limit will set a blueprint for muscle growth. However if you lift lighter weights more, your muscles are not growing, they are becoming fitter though and more capable of lessening the lactic acid that builds up with strenuous long exercise (that burning feeling that eventually forces you to stop). This is fitness but not strength.

    So either try to move on to the heavier weights and do the 8-12 rep thing for 3 sets at a time for a muscle group and see if this makes a difference – or get back to me if I am mistaken!

  95. @James McLain
    Sorry for that, I’ll try to make my question clearer. Every muscle group I do 8-10 reps per 3 sets, sometimes I go up to 12 or 15 reps max. The light weights I’m using right now have the straining effect on my muscles, I don’t use the light weights that doesn’t make my muscles stressed, for example the minimum 2.5kg weight as I said earlier give that stress impact on my other muscles like the side lateral raise, as I can’t perform a complete lift well yet with 3kg+ on that. At times I also add on some tiny weights of 1.25kg on the barbells and lat pulls, as well as using slightly heavier dumbbells.

  96. Hi Eli,
    If you feel you cannot lift the right weights due to supporting muscles then you might need to work those supporting muscles more to start with. All body exercises are very important so that your entire body is strong and works in harmony.
    For the moment i would set yourself some exercises that use as many muscle groups as you can and get a workout that hits everything in a session. Also target those weaker supporting muscles and get them up to speed before you try to hit the bigger weights. This might make the process more comfortable – and it will make you stronger overall too.

  97. Hi Vince, hi James,

    I need some advice from you. I am 25.
    I am really depressed. I am too skinny. I am eating a lot but still am not gaining any fats or weight.
    I always loosing my confidence because of what I look.
    I want something that would help me, my body to grow like those macho and sexy men.
    I want to have a good sexy body in just short length of time, weeks or just some months.

    Thanks in advance.

    Note: Anyway, I find you so cute and lovely, Vince. Goodluck and Best wishes.

  98. @JAMES@ i’m back! You helped me a lot in my journey and i wanna THANK YOU. Nowadays i’m doing split workouts. Im confused about doing 4 or 5 day split. Sometimes i feel i should be doing full body . Tell me how should i decide that?and also I want to know what should be the interval between preworkout and postworkout meal. I drink banana shake before workout with protine powder. Should protine be taken before or after workout? Also tell me should i do cardio to lose my belly fat . I it do twos day per week BUT somtimes i fell i lost my muscles after cardio. Please help!!

  99. @Shiro
    Hi Shiro,
    Ummm … thanks for the compliment i guess.
    Hard to give any specific advice man. Best to read through all the articles on here to start. It will give you a good grounding in how to get started.
    As for stress – yes it can caue a lot of problems. Your body does not function well when you are highly stressed and it can lead to a drop in weight for many people. Dealing with stress is important for your overall health and for bodybuilding.

  100. @James McLain

    Hi James,

    I think I’m having some small improvements going on. I’m able to lift 5kg on side lat raises now!! I’m also slowly able to lift heavier weights on the other muscles. This is my 5th week now and I have gained 2 kg weight. Thank you for your advices πŸ™‚

  101. @ankit
    Hi Ankit,
    Not quite sure what you are asking in that first bit sorry, can you clarify?
    As for protein, if you are eating more than 3 times a day you are probably getting it before and after anyway – but ideally protein is consumed after a workout and fairly quickly afterwards too. Some beforehand is fine but have more after a workout is better. Just make sure you have eaten before a workout so you have energy to lift.
    Forget the cardio man – that will not target belly fat it will just make you lose energy. Build up first then go on a more lean diet while maintaining your muscle – your body will be forced to find extra energy from fat that way and your belly will shrink.
    Other than that, good work so far man wishing you all the best!

  102. @eli
    Hey Eli,
    Great work! Glad that helped, keep on going and keep the progressive overload and you will see tremendous improvements over time.
    Love hearing of success – go you! πŸ™‚

  103. Hey James,
    I am a 20 year old male that weighs 150 pounds and I am 6’3. I would like to gain roughly 10-15 pounds of muscle because I am literally skin and bones. My chest bones poke through my skin..literally. I can wrap my entire hand around my bicep. How in the world do I gain any muscle when I have NONE? I realize eating a lot of protein and calories mixed with an intense workout will help me build muscle, but when lifting 45 pounds is difficult, my confidence to lift weights goes right out the window. Any advice?

  104. Hi Devin,
    The actual way to build muscle is the same for everyone – just as a skinny guy you need to be more careful about everything you do than someone more genetically geared for muscle growth.
    That being said, your main problem is your confidence not what you are doing I would say form the tone of your comment.
    Who cares if you can only life 45 pounds and that is really heavy for you? You cannot go from that to 100 pounds in a week you gain strength incrementally not in large bursts.
    You have to accept that. What you need to be proud of is every little gain you get. Each time you feel stronger, each time you feel your muscles seem a little more solid and bigger … forget how you look to others, just think about how you are going to get over the next hurdle.
    After many weeks you will look back and see that bigger change that you wanted but you gotta put one foot in front of the other each time not giant jumps ahead each time.
    And if some muscle bound lunk sneers at you … fuck him … most will not in fact. Most will give major kudos if you start making gains.

  105. Hey James,
    What foods are the best for gaining muscle and should i eat them before or after working out?
    Please help!

  106. Hey James,

    I’m 18 years old, am 5’8, and weight about 130. I’m incredibly skinny. I’ve tried to increase my caloric intake by a lot, drinking protein shakes, eating foods that are meant to give high calories, and working out regularly. I didn’t see any results after 5 months. I admittedly did eat some sugary foods, though, but not regularly. Was that enough to prevent my progress completely?

    I also don’t want to get RIPPED, per se. I just want my arms to get bigger and more defined, along with my chest, so when people look at me they don’t see me as scrawny.

  107. Hey Nathan,

    It might not be your diet then, but how you workout. If you really are eatnig a lot more foods and the right sorts of foods then you might just be burning calories with your workouts and not lifting the kind of weights you need to trigger muscle growth.
    You need to look at all parts of your regime to be able to combine them all into something more significant.

  108. hey my name is alvin im in high school and i am very skinny and i hate it. people make fun of me and embarrass me in front of girls and teacher even make fun of me. But the worst part is that a girl that i really liked stop talking to me because i was so skinny and was embarresed to be with me. Please HELP can you give some type of plan to get bigger. Workout/Meal thank you so much

  109. @Alvin Spinkston
    Hey Alvin,
    I know that sucks so hard man. It can be really tough to feel right in your body in high school but yes you can do something about it. Really I cannot help much mroe than directing you to the articles on this site here: Bodybuilding articles
    If you need more information then download this free start-up guide from Vince Delmonte called the Upside Down Training guide. Also a great place to start with a more structured plan – my site is more theory and information.
    Hope that helps!

  110. james hellO . I’m back again and now i’m ripped and huge. Thank you my friend. I have now abs now and i’m happy . I also want to see how you have progressed . Show us your before ane after picture

  111. @ankit
    Hi Ankit,
    That’s fantasic! I am thinking of starting a page on the site where people can post thier before and after pictures. If you want to email me your photo’s I am happy to put them up to show people that going form skinny to muscle can be done πŸ™‚

  112. AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY James im back haha dont know if you remember me or not but im updating my progress since january (you can scroll up and see how much i lifted and weighed back there)BUT NOW on July 11 i weigh suprisingly 121pounds and bench 165 pounds…. yep i havent really been gaining weight but increasing in strength, why? and is it good? or should i try to go for more weight? i lift heavy between 8-15 reps and 3-4 sets 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour 3-5 per week

  113. Hey man,

    Sounds like you are doing pretty decently. You might be hitting the strength training mode and not the hypertrophy mode – and/or you might be not eating enough.

    I would try to increase your calories again to make sure you are getting enough energy to grow now your body needs even more as a first step.

    Second step, do not lift heavier weights as when it is too heavy you target strength but not necessarily growth – this is because of different muscle fibres being activated. Usually the 8-10 range is the right amount but it does sound like you are doing this … so maybe take it up to a more consistent 10-12 reps before you can do no more – and remember on the last set go all out til just before you give out.

    I think it might be more diet related but the only other bit of advice is not to0 overdo it man … 5 times a week might be too much and you are not giving your body enough time to rest. Maybe cut back a day or two and let yourself have a break of a day between workouts for the body to heal and build.

    Hope that helps man

  114. Feels good to be back. Man, i have a big problem i’m out of my house for 7 months for education ,no gym ,no protien foods . All I see is skinny student every where. I’m thinking of doing body weight exercises 5 days a week. I wont gain muscle with that but need to stimulate muscles for maintaing shape and size. Whats your opinion?

  115. hi James, im 15 and weigh about 112lbs, I just started working out, can u give me some helpful tips to gain muscle and what foods to eat. thanks!

  116. @ankit
    Hi Ankit,
    Body weight exercises can help keep your muscle tone. If you do not have a choice then it really is the only option. If you can add some weight though it will help. Wearing a backpack full of textbooks while doing push ups for instance is a god way to add some extra weight.
    The biggest problem will be the foods – you need to do what you can to eat as much as possible in terms of calories and as much protien too. Its not easy but make do with what you can and you can at least slow down atrophy of the muscles and build them back up again later.

  117. Im 22 year old, 6 ft 2 and 140 lbs. Ive try many ways to build muscle but cant. I tryed eating more, everthing and nothing to show. I kinda just dont want to look like a twig anymore. Can you help? Or maybe help me find a way to understand what i can do to improve my work out?



  118. @Troy
    Hi Troy,

    Hard to give exact advice without more information man. Check out the rest of my articles on this site or check out Vince Delmontes guide if you want more information.

    If you have a specific question though, or a few – just post them here and I can see what i can do to help.

  119. Hey I’m 15 years old 6ft and 130lbs and I have an extremely low low body fat %( I’m a junior triathlete). I work out but can’t eat the calories because of my fitness requirements and I only have Light weights avaliable, so I lift the same weight for all my muscles and it is making some bigger than others, such as my abs and upper back are getting too far ahead of my chest and shoulders, it doesn’t look too weird but I’m a perfectionist so is there any way to prevent this from happening or to catch my chest up on the same weights?

  120. @Matt
    Hi Matt,
    To build muscles you really need more weiht for those lagging areas. The muscles there are now coping with the weiht you exercise with and have no need to grow anymore as they do not need to be stronger – just be able to endure more which is not what mass is about.
    Try changing your exercises a bit to activate other muscles nearby which can help but you really need more weight i am afraid.

  121. im 6 foot tall. 15 years old, 16 in 5 months. I weigh 127. as of right now my arm (where the tricepts and bicepts are) is 4 inches in height and my wrist is 2 inths so im skinnier than vince i think. and i am going to the gym tomorrow for the 6 time. ( 2x a week) and im doing heavy weights low reps and its working.

  122. @Andrew
    Hey Andrew,

    Great news man! Good to hear the workouts are paying off, remember to keep up the intensity, keep adding more weiht as you get stronger, and keep adding more calories as you increase your lifts!

  123. James
    I started 4 months ago in the Gym. I am 6’4″ and weighed 248 lbs I am 41 years old. All my extra weight was in my belly so no fat anywhere else legs arms chest are all skinny. I spent 2 months doing alot of cardio and also lifting weight but mainly focused on the cardio and changed my diet cut out all sugars no more gallons of sweet tea per day and sodas or candy. I know drink my protein shaked every morning and eat every couple hours and try to stay away from the carbs. My belly has reduced alot but still there a little bit. So 2 weeks ago I cut the cardio way back and focusing on all weights. I am concerned that eating more might put my belly back to big again. I keep changing my work out since I am not sure what works the best right now it is as follows MOnday is backs and biceps and tuesday chest triceps and shoulders wednesday I do legs and then I start over again on thursday thru saturday and sunday is a off day. I do alot of dumbells and compund exercises first then finish off on the machine never get ot the bench press since I never have a spotter so just do it with dumbelsl so I can always throw them off. I have seen some gains but not alot also I hear at my age the testosterone is low so makes it harder and I dont want to do any of tghe supplements on the market as who knows what works and I dont want to be supplemment poor. Any advise you can give would be much appreciated. This was a joint effort with my wife and I who has lost 38 lbs in 4 month doing zumba and step just had to throw that in there as I am pretty proud of her.

  124. @Scottman
    Hey man,
    Do not worry too much about how much weight you gain while lifting. You need to eat more to grow muscles and you might put a little bit of belly on sometimes as well. It is incredibly hard to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, all the professional bodybuilders go through a bulking phase then a cutting phase and you should too.
    Make sure you are pushing yourself with the heaviest weights for about 8-12 reps and just do the weights and machines that you are comfortabkle and safe with – though free weights are a much better option overall.
    Lastly, try to do all of your body in a single session, or at least most of it, do not spend too long on the same muscle groups as once you activtate the muscles weigh enough weight to push it to their limits you have done enough and might just hurt yourself hitting it over and over again.
    Hope that helps!

  125. @ethan
    Hi Ethan,

    Best thing to do is read through this site, read all the comments. Inform yourself – just asking for help with no information apart from “I can’t do it” will not get you far ok.

  126. Hi James,

    I love the sight and have been using it for a little over a year now. I have seen some great gains and overall nice progress. I was wondering however, if you would be willing to add an abs article. It seems like we have a complete set of articles, minus the abs. I would like some info on abs, as well as some new and standard exercises. Thanks man.

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