Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding

Are You Skinny & Struggling to Build Bigger Muscles?

If So, Here Is Something That Might Help.

Hey, glad you made it to my site because I think I know just how you might be feeling. My name is James McLain and I was once really skinny and I hated it too. It sucked! It drained my self confidence and made me feel like I was inferior to other guys not to mention making dating hell as I thought being skinny with no muscles was what was holding me back. (it wasn’t but looking good certainly helps!)

If you are like I was, then you probably have tried and failed to build some extra muscle and are just not sure what the hell is going on! I finally figured it out after a lot of trial and error but I think that you can manage to build muscle without going through all the pain and hardship I struggled through.

Vince Now
Vince Before

This is why I want to introduce you to Vince Delmonte. Vince is pretty interesting guy, he is (was?) a classic ectomorph body type like you and me. Skinny, small and with a high metabolism. Not now though, he is a professional bodybuilder and a fitness coach with a degree in kinesiology. (This is basically the science of human movement including a lot on muscles)

I really like his style and what he has to say about bodybuilding which is so much different to the usual crap you get from the muscle magazines and supplement pushers. You don’t need all that extra garbage if you know how your body works with the right plans, routines and dietary changes … for your body type! Being a hardgainer is optional, not mandatory and Vince knows this and knows how you can turn your thinking around on the issue as well.

He really knows what he is talking about which is why I advertising his No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program on this site as I wanted to let you know about this amazing, groundbreaking guide. Not because I like lining his pockets, but because it might just help you get over the hurdles of being a skinny guy while building muscle. He knows where you are coming from which I find refreshing – so it is probably worth taking a look and making that decision for yourself – I guarantee you will not regret it.

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311 thoughts on “Skinny to Muscle – What You Need to Know About Skinny Bodybuilding”

  1. @Joseph
    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for the comment. Its great to know you have been following the site – I hope you got a lot out of it! 🙂

    As for Abs, yes i have been a little slack in that department. I am planning on looking at a bunch more content and perhaps videos to keep updating the site – so any requests just5 let me know but i will deal with Abs next 🙂

  2. Hello James,

    Sorry for being away from the site for so long. I’m stuck in a problem and thats ‘the fat’. I’m trying to lose fat ,reduce my calories, since 2 weeks but now i’m thinking to give intermittent fasting a try. What do you think will it be good to me to fast 16 hours? And also my bulking calories was 3500 , what should be during fat loss?

  3. Hi Ankit,

    Fasting is actually not a bad idea. I am not an expert on this but here goes my explaination cobbled together from multiple sources I have explored in the past.
    Our bodies were designed for periods of fasting where food was not available. Our ancient ancestors would have to put up with days of no food and only water and possibly some small amounts of vegetation. There is a point where our body goes from hungry and demanding food – to ‘fasting mode’ where it understands that food is in short supply and stops that urge to eat. You actually start to feel quiet good!
    Your body goes from taking energy from food and fat and muscle if needed – and purely concentrates on getting energy from fat stores. Fat is DESIGNED to be stored for just such an occasion, to be burned for energy when food is not available. When fasting the body tends not to hurt muscle mass though which is interesting. Some say this is because our ancestors would need all the energy and strength to hunt down food so the fat stores were designed for when tmies were lean and could be burned off.
    It has to be a decent length of fasting though. 24-48 hours is recommended. Missing meals seems to make the body retain fat if it is just a few. It holds onto it as logn as possible hoping you will get food. Once that food urge is over the body will be foreced to burn fat though.
    So yes – go for it 🙂

  4. But I really want to know when (in which circumstances) our body starts burning muscle? Please explain me coz this is the biggest question in my mind these days!!

  5. Hi Ankit – sorry for the late reply!

    I was going to do a long reply about this but I am a little rushed so I will piont you to an excellent link that explains it in possibly TOO much detail.

    IT basically states that while fasting does promote a catabolic state, it tends to burn off more FAT than lean muscle. I believe you might lose a little muscle mass when fasting but your fat loss will be much greater – then, according to this page and the studies it cites your anabolic training after fasting is actually more efficient due to the increase in growth hormone in the body from fasting. So I would not worry about it too much, though this doctor does recommend that you ‘Ingest 10g of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) 5-15 minutes before your fasted training session’

    I hope that helps – I would give it a try and see what happens, sometimes our body is an experiement but I know weight lifter who have fasted and said they drops fat and gained strength, but looked leamer, but since thier lifts went up it was not a loss of muscle.

  6. You are right man.
    Bodybuilding is not an exact science. We should try and see what works for us!
    Well my fat loss program is going well my belly finally got flat. But anyway thanks for reply and good luck with your fasting program.

  7. If you play basketball hard and quick paced foe 30 minutes a day there will be results

  8. Hi I am not skinny or fat I’m about average for my age I weigh about 130 and I’m 17 yrs old I was wondering what type of workout I can do to get defined muscle without adding fat that will sag when I am older also I have like 2 inches of fat that covers my abs can only just see them and was also wondering how to get rid of that also can’t really go on a diet since I paid for a lunch in high school that is not that healthy but need to eat it so my money doesn’t go to waste

  9. @Judd
    Hey man,

    Defined muscles just means having muscles and then cutting back the fat so they show more. So you have two things you need to achieve, muscle growth and fat loss.

    The problem is it can be tricky doing both of these at the same time. Most people tend to bulk up first then go on a diet and maintenence exercise to keep the muscle mass but redcuce the fatty covering.

    In regards to your diet, you need to decide what is more important to you, the money you paid for your lunch of the cut, defined abs you want. You cannot get the body you really want if you try to do two opposing things at the same time. You need to dedicate your efforts on what is most important because you cannot have everything all at the same time.

    Right now for you i would recommend just starting with bodyweight exercises such as sit ups, push ups, chin ups etc, and some cardio thrown in there. In regards to diet its not the amount you eat but what you eat and if you cannot control that it will make it harder until you control your food intake.

  10. Pushups are a good place to start building up, however you will quickly find you do not get as much benefit as when you started. You need to be consistantly lifting heavier weights and pushups have you lifting your own weight. This will not change neough to matter.
    So it is a start to get you moving and will help a beginner but you will need to find heavier items to lift to see progressive gains.

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