Muscle Building Guide Comparisons

Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building guide is’s featured bodybuilding guide for many great reasons but there are also many other worthy body building guides for skinny hardgainers that are quite good. The two guides listed below are runners up for the feature spot on the site and here is a comparison on why this was so and to give you an idea of what else there is out there.

“The Truth About Building Muscle”

by Sean Nalewanyj

I like this guide. In fact it has a similar approach to Vince Delmonte’s guide and says many of the same things!

Both were formerly extremely skinny guys who slaved away without any results until they cracked the code and found out how to get really ripped.

They both even have the same view on weight gain supplements (i.e. they are crap!)

Where they differ is that Sean has a good amount of bonus items with his core e-book … and Vince has an AMAZING amount of bonuses. Also I think Vince Is much more genuine in allĀ  his videos, writing and personal contact. Sean, while I respect him and his products seems a bit over the top and overblown which put me off quite a lot. Vince also has serious education on the human body which shows a lot more than Sean.

They are also exactly the same cost so I went with the one that gave me more bang for my buck and which I felt more comfortable with.

“Muscle Gaining Secrets”

by Jason Ferruggia

Another guy with a similar background to Vince being a skinny hard gainer. He is also a renown consultant and trainer a lot like Vince Delmonte who has studied the human body and especially how skinny guys can get rid of their hard gainer problems.

That he should also say similar things to Vince shows that basic underlying information you need is corroborated from many trusted sources like Jason who also writes for Men’s Health Magazine (again so does Vince!)

Again though, the thing that made me choose the No-Nonsense Muscle Building guide was the sheer amount and variety of the bonuses that went along with the e-book. Jason has a great guide and all the core things you need are there but it does not go that extra step which may have made me consider it more closely.

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