Vince Delmonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building Guide Review

The “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” guide by Vince Delmonte is one of the top selling internet based bodybuilding programs, but will it help you gain muscle mass like it claims to?

There are many other programs around that claim the same thing also and while all have some merit Vince’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building guide is on top of my list due to the professionalism, intelligence and easy engaging style which reveals all the hardgainer busting secrets you need to know. Not only is this endorsed by his bodybuilding peers online and by many happy customers it has also been given the thumbs up from many health experts showing it can give you muscle gain results without hurting your body or polluting it.

If you have not read what this guides claim it, this is what it is:

“Discover How To Build 20-40 Pounds Of Hard Natural Muscle And How To Gain Weight Quickly – Without Steroids, Without ‘Muscle-Friendly’ Genes, Without Any Rehashed Program, Without Any Bogus Supplements And Without Surfing The Internet Ever Again…I Swear!”- Vince Delmont

Lets have a closer look.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building has a simple concept behind it, follow the steps proven to work to gain muscle without any bullshit, just the information anyone and especially skinny guys can use to gain weight.  It was also refreshing that Vince does not talk down to you or act like a stereotypical bodybuilder either … but he will train you like a bodybuilder! Vince’s approach comes from his background as “Skinny Vinny” who was a normal guy who wanted a good looking, fit and muscled body which from his pictures you see he has achieved now becoming a champion fitness model.

This transformation has been featured in Maximum Fitness magazine where they found his approach to gaining mass came from a fitness oriented, athletic manner where all aspects of the body such as muscle reflexes, endurance and strength are not neglected. He also slam the supplements industry that wants to hook you into continually paying for weight gain products with no real value by showing how you can get big without that garbage.

From the very outset of the front page of his website he takes all the myths and lies of these companies and shatters them then explains the real underlying principles of natural muscle growth. I think he should have called it the no bullshit guide to muscle building but that may have been less marketable!

Vince concentrates on the HOW of training your body by giving you the core basics of bodybuilding that will serve you well and save you time and money. It will also make you see those shortcuts that are promised by the supplement companies are false and misleading. No-Nonsense gives you a strategy to follow from the gym to your diet to how you rest and more. He is a living billboard for its success as are all of his clients, men, women, young and old.

Now if you are looking to become a professional bodybuilder and get enormous muscles and win competitions this book may not go far enough and Vince is not claiming to do that. What he does focus on is training you to build muscle mass on your skinny figure so you look good, feel good and turn heads wherever you go. This of course leaving you more free to enjoy your new body rather than spending time scouring the internet for more tips to gain weight.

The 9 ‘Growth Principles’ Revealed In No Nonsense Muscle Building

The structure of this guide is all about explaining 9 growth principles fro skinny guys. This works for anyone but is certainly even more essential if you are a hardgainer and a beginner. These 9 principles are revealed in a way to build upon each other giving you the understanding of how everything is working to give you more lean muscle mass as well as the plan to follow to achieve it.

This structure leaves you feeling this is a complete training program not one that only takes you half way or leaves you with holes in your knowledge about what you are doing … holes that may provide doubt of your own abilities. The completeness gives you a goal and tactics to achieve that goal which is confidence boosting and will help you succeed.

These Muscle Growth Principle chapters are:

  • Top 14 Mistakes To Avoid Before You Even Begin Training
  • The Top 12 Bodybuilding Myths
  • How To Build MuscleThe core of the entire program.
  • Recovery Methods – Accelerate Recovery
  • Maximizing Hormones For Maximal Muscle Building & Fat Loss -This is where other programs fall down in the detail and Vince Excels.
  • Massive Eating & Nutrition Incredibly useful
  • Making Sense Of Supplementation – Use Them Wisely While he may trash supplements for the most part there are a limited few of value
  • Injury Prevention & Avoiding The Causes
  • No Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Program

The key differences between this program and others.

Another great bonus
Another great bonus
  • Vince focuses on a type of weight training method known as the periodization method. Periodization is a slightly different concept to the typical high intensity training most bodybuilding programs talk about, it involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period of time to prevent adaption by the body and simulating different muscle groups. Periodization is based heavily on variation in sets and reps.
  • An electronic calendar outlining every phase of your workout schedule including reps, sets, exercises and more. This also comes with progress tracking tools that make that part a breeze,
  • Focus on fitness. Looking big but poisoning your body and being unfit does not sound like a good trade to me. Being muscled and being healthy should go hand in hand and healthy people look better muscles or not. Its best to have both and focus on both.
  • Stretching and flexibility training, some guides completely gloss over this making it another key point of difference. Before you should even be qualified lifting the heavy weights required to build muscle you should have the stability and fitness to be able to do this with good form and without hurting yourself. This is explained in full.

Leaving the best till last …

Where this guide really leaves the competition in the dust however is the focus on nutrition and diet that will force massive muscle growth. It is not just about what you need to eat or how much you need to eat either. Vince goes a step further by giving you the science behind eating and supplying meal plans to take the pain out of the planning and make it ultra easy to get the calories and nutrients you need for the most progress. Also the calculation of how much you should be eating is taken care of with a calorie calculator based on your metabolic rate and other important factors that determine what you need to grow.

This is not a general thing either, he tailors this information to suit YOUR goals that YOU want to achieve whether it be a little muscle or a lot!

The result

Some may find the periodization method quite different to what you may find in other guides and articles floating around on the net this does not take away anything from its results if you care to try it. Those already set in a routine may find it hard to change and adapt but it may be a blessing for those who are a little newer to bodybuilding. The personal aspect of the guide being based on his own experiences can also sometimes make you lose your place a little in the process but it does get back on track every time if you keep with it.  Others can be frustrated by his insistence on stretching and flexibility instead of diving straight into the weights but i am a personal supporter of this approach and se it as a plus not a negative.

These nitpicking things aside you have a solid guide with many extra bonuses written by a professional who knows his stuff and can communicates it well. It comes with a 2 month money back guarantee so is risk free to try and has personal email support from Vince himself if you have questions to ask. Simply put this is a great deal, a great guide and it will give you a great body because it is designed for the skinny guy who wants to look good and ripped and that is exactly what you will get if you follow the steps.

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