Complete Home Gym

I converted a small room into a full gym. This really came in handy during the pandemic since gyms were closed. When you're trying to gain weight, you can't afford to miss your workouts for long periods of time. Consistency is one of the keys to help you gain muscle. There are several benefits of having a home gym.

The first benefit is, you don't have to wait on anyone to use the equipment. How many times have you been in the gym waiting on people to use the bench or squat cage? It can take forever. Especially during peak hours. That ends up killing your momentum, or forces you to switch up your workout. When you have your own gym, it helps you save time. There is no waiting, and you don't have to commute.

The second benefit is, you don't have to worry about anyone getting you sick. Think about how exposed you are just from being around people, going in the filthy locker room, and using the same ol' equipment everyone else is using. Now you can wear a mask, distance yourself the best you can, and wipe down the equipment. But the best way to avoid getting sick, is to not expose yourself to high risk places.

The next benefit is, it's easier to focus on your workout since there isn't anyone else around you. It's easy to get distracted when someone is yelling or slamming the weights. There's a lot going on around you in a gym. If you're more introverted, you might feel uncomfortable working out in front of other people. Having a home gym will give you privacy, and keep you laser focused on your workout.

The last benefit I want to discuss is convenience. You can get your workout in anytime you want. A lot of us have busy schedules and might only have time for a workout when the gym is closed, or during their peak hours. You can also take care of other things in your home like laundry while you workout. This will help you get more things done.

Now I'm not saying a home gym is for everyone. Some people need to go to a commercial gym. It all depends on which option will benefit you the most. If you're interested in building a home gym, check out the video for some ideas. Nearly everything was purchased through Amazon. Links to the equipment are included in the description.