I'm too Skinny. Am I an Ectomorph?

An ectomorph is someone with a small frame and bone structure. They tend to have smaller wrists, joints, and muscles. They also have narrow hips and shoulders. Many ectomorphs are very lean, and have trouble gaining muscle mass. Their metabolism is usually high, so they're burning through calories very quickly. Do you eat a lot but don't gain much weight? You might be an ectomorph.

Now being an ectomorph doesn't mean you're cursed and you can't gain muscle. You can still develop a good amount of muscle, and create an impressive physique. Your body can look even better than someone with a bigger frame. Having a small waist can be an advantage to having an awesome V-Taper. A V-Taper is having a wide upper body, and slim waist creating a V shape. The key muscles to focus on building are your lats and your mid delts. This will make you appear as wide as possible.

Having small wrists can and bones can also help your muscles pop more. The ratio of muscle mass to your smaller bones can make your muscles look bigger. It's all about proportions that gives your physique an incredible look. You don't have to have a large frame and big bones to look good.

Being an ectomorph means you will have to workout differently than someone with a slower metabolism and bigger frame. It's important not to over do it on the cardio. Since your metabolism is high, you don't want to burn off all of your fuel. Save most of it so that your body can grow. Workout sessions should also be less than an hour. Most ectomorphs won't respond well to high volume, 2 hour workouts. Keep it under an hour.

You also might have to eat more than the average person. Keep track of your macros and make your adjustments to see how your body reacts. Some people get results by eating 300 extra calories per day over their maintenance. You may need 500 or 700. Everyone's body is different. So make the changes in increments and see how your body changes. A lot of you will find out that you can also turn skinny fat.

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