Which High Calorie Snack Can Help Me Gain Weight?

How many of you are having trouble getting in enough calories? We need extra calories to help us gain weight. If it's a struggle for you to eat more, I have a solution for you. When you're looking for a healthy snack, you want to eat something that's not going to take up a lot of space. Something nutrient dense with high calories.

One of the best snacks you can have is peanut butter. Take a look at how much you get out of just 2 spoons of peanut butter:

• Calories 188

• Total Fat 16g

• Total Carb 7g

• Fiber 2g

• Protein 8g

So if you have 2 servings (4 Tbsp) per day, that will give you an extra 376 calories and 16g of protein! It's really easy. You can have a serving after 2 of your meals, 1 spoon after 4 meals...which ever way works best for you. Since the servings are small, they will be much easier to take in than to have a larger snack.

Now, not all peanut butter is created equal. Stick to a brand that only uses one ingredient: roasted peanuts. Most brands add sugar, vegetable oils, and salt. The best way is to keep it as simple, and healthy as possible.

Here are some additional benefits peanut butter can have:

• Boost heart health.

• Increase nitric oxide.

• Reduce the risk of breast disease.

If you'd rather eat peanut butter with something else, you have options:

1. Spread it on whole grain bread.

2. Eat it with fruit such as apple and bananas.

3. Mix it with oatmeal.

4. Add it to celery.

5. Add it to chicken stir fry.

6. Mix it with yogurt.

7. Add it to a shake.

If you're having trouble getting in enough calories, peanut butter might be one of your best options. If you want to learn more about gaining weight, check out our Weight Gain Program. It has step by step video instructions, showing you exactly what to do to put on weight. Click here to get started: Weight Gain Program